Skate Deck Art Show at Slingluff Gallery

GW04found via club mum­ble. I know these deck art shows are kind of played out a bit but when done right it is pretty awe­some. any­ways. info from club mum­ble below:

Saturday night in Philadelphia, stop Slingluff for the third install­ment of Good Wood, a silent auc­tion of art on skate decks to ben­e­fit Stay True. The show fea­tures over 15 dif­fer­ent artists, includ­ing Leo Espinosa, Mike Burdick and Don Kilpatrick plus a spe­cial instal­la­tion piece by AJ Fosik. It all goes down at 6pm at the Slingluff Gallery, 11 W. Girard Ave in scenic Fishtown. Beer+art+benefit=no brainer so brave the com­ing rain and check out what’s good.

STAY TRUE is a non-​​profit orga­ni­za­tion based in Philadelphia ded­i­cated to offer­ing under-​​privileged, at-​​risk youth the oppor­tu­nity to develop the knowl­edge, skills, and con­fi­dence needed to become pow­er­ful agents of social/​political change in their communities.

added by have­board:
I received an email about this from Andrew today and also added an image to this post. The show is on dis­play until November 1st. Gallery hours: Thurs-​​Sat 3-​​8p & Sun 12-​​4p.

Slingluff Gallery hosts the third install­ment of the lov­able skate deck show we dubbed Good Wood, three years ago. Since the first show in Detroit the show has taken on all sorts of new good & the kind that really counts. There is an online auc­tion where you can bid on the work to ben­e­fit the orga­ni­za­tion Stay True.

The show fea­tures over 20 dif­fer­ent artists, includ­ing Leo Espinosa, Mike Burdick ‚ Don KilpatrickVince TroiaJames Noellert, and Dave Flaugher plus a spe­cial instal­la­tion piece by AJ Fosik.

Click here to visit the online auc­tion and sup­port Stay True.

Thank you!

Andrew Davis


Also note, there is a Hover Board in the win­dow of the exhibit. You know you can pur­chase a Haveboard — Hover Board T-​​Shirt and sup­port have​board​.com, right?

5 thoughts on “Skate Deck Art Show at Slingluff Gallery

  1. So weird, you started off putting down the art show then you are put off by skaters not talk­ing about the show. Good vibes make good times. An image for this post may also draw more readers.

  2. i have failed by my new years res­o­lu­tion and that is to think more before speak­ing. i back this skate deck art show. i didnt mean for it to sound like i was hat­ing. i wouldnt have posted other wise.

    “Don’t care what they may say
    We got that atti­tude!
    Don’t care what they may do
    We got that attitude!

    Hey, we got that P.M.A.!“
    –Bad Brains.

  3. I appre­ci­ate the help with pro­mo­tion either way Jim! Also, appre­ci­ate the con­cern nugget.

    I’ve stated in the past the show is by no means a new idea, but i do believe a bit of a dif­fer­ent take on skate deck exhibitions.

    You can link http://​www​.good​wood​ex​hibit​.com where peo­ple may view images from the show and can be linked to the online auction.


  4. I gotta get up there and see the show before it comes down! Finn, see the hover board? You didn’t make that did you? Sweet!!!

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