…forget about that order i made. i’ll go get a slice of pizza instead…

yeah yeah. haveboard posted a link about ‘go skateboarding day’ — the ‘hallmark holiday’ for skateboarders. last time i checked every day is ‘go skateboarding day, as long as your not hurt or busy working.

the real point of this post though is: de la soul – buhloone mindstate – 1993 – ‘it might blow up but it won’t go pop’. just like skateboarding.

Tjornobyl is SICK jake. so stoked.

by the way yo here’s yours.

well. aren’t we living foul.

2 thoughts on “…forget about that order i made. i’ll go get a slice of pizza instead…

  1. my go skateboarding day consisted of talking to serge t. on bainbridge while watchin the seeds putter about. maybe not so great but i have had thousands of skateboard days and it didnt take a fuckin magazine, shoe company advertising tie-in to make me go do it. think for yourself and keep it grimy kids!

  2. I had fun, skated with Metal and the rest of the Minnow employees, until my foot hurt like hell. I tried to skate those ramps near south street but they had a 1 inch lip at the bottom and the ground was covered with a mixture of bar mop dumpings and oil. It was pretty weird. But heads were tryin’ to make the best. We went and found a curb.

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