#1 Stunna

After watching this, I am kinda GLAD this kid got zapped…He’s EXACTLY the stereotypical idiot people think skateboarders are. Maybe it shocked some of the teenage angst out of the kid….

check this link!

8 thoughts on “#1 Stunna

  1. Haveboard is gonna make fun of me for screwing this up….Just click on “check this link”….Aight!!

  2. What are you talking about. The new haveboard is all about peace and love!

    I didn’t see anything screwed up. and this video is hilarious. I’m adding a screenshot

  3. I liked Zapped with Scott Baio and his questionable sidekick Willie Aames.Scott gets telekinetic powers and”zaps” hot girls clothes off.Uh,alright now.

  4. this retards the reson skatespots become a bust…ps: im desperately looking for an indoor skate-park or anything in the phila/reading, PA area any suggestions?????

  5. yea woodward skatepark on knights rd in northeast philly. woodwardskateparks.net
    it sucks when its crowded so go at off times. you would actually be better off skating real spots in the cold then going there.

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