Zoning Committee Meeting TONIGHT in No. Liberties. Less Talk, More Action

Imagine if everyone that commented over the past week came out to show support for a spot it Northern Liberties to build a skatepark. I’d be impressed if even half of you showed up.

When Mon May 18 7pm

Created By
Anne for NLNA

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17 thoughts on “Zoning Committee Meeting TONIGHT in No. Liberties. Less Talk, More Action

  1. umm….well it was typical NIMBY, and I wish a lot more people (skaters) who were bitching and complaining could have been there to witness what I/FPSF/anyone wanting to do anything has to deal with…suffice to say we were able to reach a middle ground…the hunt for a location begins…thanks to those who showed up and all the positive vibes.

  2. So the Tip Top site wasn’t a go? I would think that a location practically under the El would be perfect. Good work either way. And to be fair, I think if a post had gone up more than a few hours before the meeting, a lot more people would have shown up. I certainly would have made an effort to get off work early. Regardless, nice job.

  3. Well TipTop was just a potential proposed site, and the community came out in force to protect their little slice of heaven…the NIMBY was strong. We posted it a few hours before so as to get some people there, but not a MOB….having more skaters there would not have helped, but appreciate the support.

  4. i like how you act like people dont care but sorrry we’re out skating… and not at the warehouse. remember when you used to skate?

  5. ry…the stupidity of your comment does not deserve a response…skating? um we should all have watches that record when we skate so we can make sure only those that skate the most umm….get an award? wtf is wrong with all of you….

  6. I wish Haveboard had a cry filter for all the lame comments. Public meetings to get small slices of land to build small skate spots is exactly what street skaters want. To heckle Brad is like biting the hand that feeds you. Some unity and clarity from the community could help us all, but who am I kidding. This is Philadelphia and I love it. Never change, your negativity just makes the rest of us stronger!!!

  7. When did skating at a warehouse, or any park for that matter, suddenly become not skating? If you’re on your board…you’re skating. Location is irrelevant as long as you’re having fun. What a dumb fucking comment. Totally need the tears filter.

  8. Dfiant, you are only allowed to skate what is “cool”….if you are caught skating anything that isn’t “cool” you are “uncool”…Sorry you didn’t get the memo…If you were “cool” you would have gotten it. Don’t worry…i didn’t get one either…

  9. listen guys, rys right. if your not skating what he thinks is cool, then your not actually skating. everyone knows that. thats why i call him before i go out anywhere

  10. I guess the only things we should skate are granite ledges that get you tazed. Seriously, though. Mad love to everybody making shit happen. You peoples rock.

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