Angle Iron at LOVE is gone

It was debated before in the com­ments, regard­ing the piece of angle iron that was never removed from the south-​​east cor­ner of LOVE park, and today, Jim sent me the offi­cial photo for the inter­web proof. That angle iron, after all these years, finally dis­in­te­grated to prac­ti­cally noth­ing. Thanks Jim!

20 thoughts on “Angle Iron at LOVE is gone

  1. Ok, for the record, angle iron on mar­ble is a sin…However, the rea­son it was put there is because of the big crack in between the two pieces of con­nect­ing marble…It was next to impos­si­ble to grind over smoothly…Love Park??.…stick a fork in it…shit’s later’d.…Oh, that is until Cole racks up yet ANOTHER trick down it.…Switch 180 heel???

  2. You know what would be the burli­est, most grown-​​up thing some­body could pos­si­bly do down the Love gap? A straight-​​up floater. No ollie. Just haul ass and float that fuckin’ thing. You would have to be the fuckin’ man to even come close. I think if there’s some­body who could pos­si­bly do it, Oyola’s that person.

  3. Towed up 15th street on a motor­cy­cle? Maybe? Get towed that fast and still push like it’s the end of the fuck­ing world. How about a firecracker?

  4. shit man now this is news… did any­one notice the third brick from the left tier on the third roto­scope is miss­ing at the brook­lyn banks?

  5. yes and i bought a major digres­sor from paul new­man this mor­ing. god i love the internet.

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