Autumn Bowl for Sale — End of an Era

The Autumn Bowl has been put up for sale on eBay for $15,000.00. The Landlord is not inter­ested in renew­ing the lease so it needs a new home. It looks like some­one already has dibbs on the mini-​​ramp. The $15,000 does not include removal or installation.

After 7 long years we are sell­ing our well loved bowl.  This is your chance to own a skate­board­ing land­mark.  Put it in your back­yard, skatepark or pri­vate ware­house.  This one of a kind bowl was built by a team lead by Tim Vanderbas in September of 2003.  Endless lines, per­fect tran­si­tions, tons of fun.  This bowl has been skated by nearly every pro out there includ­ing Julien Stranger, Lance Mountain, Tony Hawk, Steve Cabalerro, Spanky, Zared Basset…the list goes on and on.  The bowl is due for a new layer of birch ply and the pool cop­ing is per­fectly worn in.  The dimen­sions are about 45’x45’, 7′ in the deep and about 5′ — 5.5′ every­where else.  Price does not include removal or instal­la­tion.  Bowl must be removed before August 29, 2010, unless other arrange­ments are made prior to sale. Click the link for a bowl video: http://​autumn​nyc​.com/​a​u​t​u​m​n​-​b​o​wl/.  Thanks!

Q: Does this auc­tion include the mini in the back? Would there be an oppor­tu­nity to sim­ply take over the lease? Thanks Seth Aug-​​07 – 10

A: No, it is not included in the auc­tion. As of right now, some­one is sup­posed to buy it but I can con­tact you if that falls through, if you’d like. The land­lord is not inter­ested in renew­ing the lease, so tak­ing it over is not an option.

10 thoughts on “Autumn Bowl for Sale — End of an Era

  1. Can some­one smarter than me tell me if $15,000 is a good deal? Not like I have that kind of money or a place to put it, but that sounds pretty rea­son­able. Bummer that baby is gonna be gone. Only made it once but it was pretty damn awe­some. Hope it finds a home.

  2. Damn I didnt even real­ize there were recent posts on here til I saw this linked some­where else… Your get­ting no love from Google Reader!

  3. To rob reed’s com­ment about the price… The Warehouse cost us about $14,000 to build. I’d say we got about the same amount of wood. But they’re sell­ing a 7 year old used bowl for $15,000. I think it’s a lit­tle steep. Not to men­tion the night­mare of get­ting it out of there.

    *Note: There were a lot of drunken 2 a.m., walk­ing past a con­struc­tion site, wood grab­bin’ mis­sions. Anything to cut costs!

    But much respect to the Autumn Bowl. I had many a great ses­sions there and they were 100% the inspi­ra­tion for the Philly Warehouse and gave me some great advice when we got started. Never for­get the first thing Dave from Autumn said… “You sure you wanna do this?”

  4. Offer them $500 and free removal on 828. That’s a bet­ter deal than they’ll be get­ting from the scrap­yard on 829.

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