Buffalo Skatepark is Now Open!

buffalo skatepark

My home­town of Buffalo, NY now has a skate park thanks to Evergreen Skateparks (map link). I was in town vis­it­ing fam­ily this past week­end and I got to check it out. It’s pretty fun.

This all was self-​​shot & edited on my iPhone 5 aside from the last clip which was filmed by my brother on his iPhone 5s to test the slo-​​mo out.

Audio: Artifacts — Whayback

One thought on “Buffalo Skatepark is Now Open!

  1. Ye, it’s nice to see cov­er­age of the park on sites. it’s pretty damn nice and we’re all grate­ful to have it. any­one who’s even rea­son­ably close should make a point to come skate the park before it snows.

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