Caste — Philadelphia Experiment

caste philadelphia experiment

Chris Mulhern dropped his first project for his new brand “Caste” yes­ter­day and like most any­thing Chris is involved with, it’s amaz­ing. It’s a bril­liantly edited Philadelphia piece with a mix of old hi8 footage (new AND old) along with HD footage. I highly sug­gest you read the entire inter­view with Chris about the project over at Theories of Atlantis:

I actu­ally got the ini­tial idea for the “Philadelphia Experiment” clip while work­ing on this Berrics project with Gee. I thought it would be cool to fix up the same exact Hi8 cam­era that he shot on, and maybe just go out and make a lit­tle mon­tage with it. But that idea for a lit­tle mon­tage turned into a year long project… and I’m really glad it worked out that way.

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