9 thoughts on “Daniel Pelletier is paralyzed but still rides a skateboard

  1. Looking at it a sec­ond time, he can move his legs some. I bet the longer he skates, the more motion he’ll have in those legs, too.

  2. So siked.. Someone needs to send this kid some free skate shit… This kid is awesome…That dude is inspir­ing.. He is makin happen…damn. so rad…The guys got heart.. And loves shred­ding with his own style…sick post…Gonna see about send­ing this kid some boards..

  3. That’s great!
    It reminds me of a kid from Rhode Island who used to skate in con­tests who rode with crutches just like this guy, but his legs were smaller and could really bend, but he killed Skater Island! I think he was flowed by Dwindle and Rope a Dope Clothing.
    Good inspi­ra­tional stuff!

  4. Wow, that is some crazy shit. The kids skates bet­ter than me! Now that is what you call pure love!

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