Drifting at FDR? Bikes at the warehouse? Were the Mayans right?

Or did skate­board­ers just get trolled hard on the inter­net with this video…

Do you really think drift­ing in FDR on a wet day is going to ruin the park? Last time I checked tire marks in the streets don’t affect my street skat­ing. I think the same would hold true for FDR. This also likely helped dry out the park that day.

And then there is the “WHO THE F#CK LET BIKES IN THE WAREHOUSE” moment. The cop­ing was just replaced and this hap­pened RIGHT before that replace­ment. The dudes who let bikes in the ware­house were also the same ones who did the work to replace the cop­ing and have been part of the ware­house since day one. They can do what­ever they want.

Everyone take a deep breath. The world doesn’t revolve around you and the story is usu­ally much deeper than you might ever know. Stop being so mad all the time.

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