7 thoughts on “Ed Hardy Skateboards? Seriously!

  1. More proof that we should start more of our own brands or even buy blanks if we have to. That dude looks like he had a seizure and he is hold­ing on to the board for dear life. Not back­ing it. Even the site looks like it was cre­ated in the late 90’s by some col­lege stu­dent who don’t skate.

  2. That site is crazy. You are gonna see these boards in EVERY urban store in the mall. I’m sure that each board either comes with a skin tight tiger t-​​shirt, or a bot­tle of cologne…So you can look and smell like a true skateboarder..hahaha.

  3. From look­ing at the qual­ity of their web­site (lack thereof) it’s hard to imag­ine the Ed Hardy skate­board branch being at all affil­i­ated with the world­wide enter­prise that is Ed Hardy, how­ever with all the licens­ing deals Ed Hardy has signed it could just be another kook try­ing to make a buck off skate­board­ing. No sur­prise there…

    Who is going to be the dude who gets the endorse­ment deal? Get that money fools!

  4. I won­der if Ed Hardy ever kicks him­self in the ass for sell­ing his name to that fake ass douchebag Christian Audigier !

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