epicly laterd dot com

If you lookin’ for some­thing to keep you busy until the skate park ben­e­fit @ the Khyber tonight. This web­site has some decent pho­tos and videos to get you through the work day. Including one of FRED GALL , seen here at Love Park in ’94.

11 thoughts on “epicly laterd dot com

  1. skat­ing those benches on the stairs at LOVE was so dam fun! I remem­ber being real stoked on them, the eas­i­est hub­bas ever.

  2. Fuck Sccccoooookilll Park.…Raise money for build­ing some good shit at bridge spot…At least I will be able to skate that before I’m 50…They say it costs all this money to build that shit.…Bridge spot hardly cost any­thing and I have seen more pros there than almost any­where else.…Sad…but very true.

  3. Shut your mouth dick head like we wont see you doing the same tricks over and over again at the river park. you need to learn how to keep your mouth shut

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