FDR Skatepark Cleanup and Maintenance Day

FDR Cleanup 2014

FDR Skatepark Cleanup and Maintenance Day.

via the FDR Facebook group(s):

We are orga­niz­ing a cleanup and main­te­nance day at FDR skate Park.

For 12PM Sunday, May 4, 2014

It is very impor­tant for all of us to get together and clean our Park this time to look good. In order for us to have and keep a good rela­tion­ship with the FDR Park offi­cials. So we may have some lever­age with them to make demands like keep­ing the car shows out­side of our skatepark and maybe even keep­ing the scoot­ers out.

There is a park wide cleanup sched­uled for May 10th. However on that day when the Park offi­cials roll up on our Park and see that it is already clean. It will make a big impres­sion on them on how we can orga­nize and keep our Park right.

We know all this infor­ma­tion because some skaters have been going to the FDR Park offi­cial meet­ings at the Swedish museum to rep­re­sent the skatepark and skate­board­ers on some of the issues we have there.

I will be bring­ing plenty of extra large heavy-​​duty trash bags and gloves (and beer).

Some of the other items we are prob­a­bly going to need is some push brooms.
Shovels, Rakes.
If some­one has a heavy-​​duty leaf blower that would be awe­some.
A wheel bar­rel to move some of the larger debris would also be very helpful.

We may be patch­ing some holes. So if you have some extra con­crete, tools, or vinyl patch lying around your place or want to buy, bring it down.

Let’s get this shit done and show the Park offi­cials how we orga­nize and han­dle our business!

Shout out to Ricky D. Sr. for nudg­ing me to update!

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