fdr skatepark drunk vs sober 2012 video recap

Last week­end there was a Drunk Vs. Sober con­test. I didn’t make it down to the park on time to see it but there’s a video from the event that was jsut posted by exploita​tionvm​.com. It looked like every­one was rip­ping and hav­ing a good time.

FDR Skatepark Drunk vs Sober 2012 brought to you by Vans, Nike SB, Scum Skates, Fourstar Apparel, Exploitationvm​.com, Emerge Movement, Sly Fox Brewing Company, Elsewear Apparel, and Bones
film/​edit Christian Hunsberger
Canone rebel t3i 600d
ef-​​s 18-​​135mm lens 0.45x
final cut pro

fdr skatepark drunk vs sober 2012 — YouTube.

One thought on “fdr skatepark drunk vs sober 2012 video recap

  1. They should have had a breath­a­lyzer on site and made Team Drunk blow over the legal limit through­out the con­test. Sortof like an alco­holic ver­sion of the movie Speed.

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