have board, will skate… issue 4 — 2004 — now online

So I finally got around to re-​​uploading the first 3 issues of “have board, will skate…” as well as upload­ing issue 4 for the first time. I did issue 4 in 2004 when I lived in Albuquerque and worked at Kinkos. The first run was full color, coil bound, with a clear vinyl front and back. Black and White bifold/​stapled copies came a lit­tle later. If you’ve never seen the printed copy, you should check it out.

3 thoughts on “have board, will skate… issue 4 — 2004 — now online

  1. nice, i was just look­ing at this in print, its sit­ting on my desk now.…..word.

  2. ’bout time. Still have a nice copy, remem­ber you work­ing at kinko’s and tak­ing advan­tage of it. Looks good, wish i was around, but this allows me to keep up a bit from a dis­tance. take it lightly!

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