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Yeah, I know the whole “FREE LOVE PARK” shit is done. Love is gone. Yeah, again I KNOW YOU CAN STILL SKATE IT…But you all know it’s not the same as it was in it’s heyday…

So what I am ask­ing for you to dig into the mem­ory banks and share some­thing you saw at the infa­mous spot.…

Do you remember?

HAVEBOARD NOTES: com­ments are lim­ited to 1000 char­ac­ters. Please break your sto­ries up into mul­ti­ple com­ments. This topic may go into Haveboard Issue 5. One day, I’ll post up issue 4 for you lurks to peep.

24 thoughts on “i LOVE stories

  1. How funny, I was JUST edit­ing the Wild in the Streets footy from two and a half years ago (have­board throw­backs) at about 6am today. “FREE LOVE PARK, FREE LOVE PARK”.

    One day…maybe.

  2. i was there when pap­palardo switch ollied the foun­tain. that was sick to watch him get closer and closer and then finally land it.

    it was like a game, run­ning from the cops. they’d rarely catch any­body because there would be so many kids skating.

  3. Ki, I was there when pops was try­ing to switch flip into the foun­tain. Soooo close… Fat Bill yelled at you to put your cam­era away.

  4. I have a copy of some lit­tle zine that mr. ed made a while ago with the story of the love park zom­bies in it.

    Otherwise, I remem­ber eat­ing lunch there in busi­ness attire and watch­ing skaters leave because they thought I was undercover.

  5. I remem­ber being 18, hav­ing just moved to Philadelphia from the mid­dle of nowhere, and watch­ing Rick Howard and Tony Ferguson play­ing a game of SKATE at Love. The rest of the Girl/​Chocolate team was hang­ing out watch­ing. I remem­ber think­ing, “This is the great­est place I’ve ever been in my life.”

  6. If I have to pick one story I guess it’ll be the day I was there with Kerry, Kalis and Florentin “Flo” Marfaing. They were all skat­ing the gap. Kerry was try­ing f/​s half cab, Flo was land­ing on (but not rid­ing away from) nol­lie f/​s half cabs, and Kalis was so close to nol­lieing into the foun­tain. Yes you read that cor­rectly, Kalis was skat­ing the foun­tain gap.

    As usual the bike cops show up and every­one runs, except Flo cause he’s from France and either didn’t know the deal or didn’t care. So Josh sticks around to talk to cops. So he’s stand­ing talk­ing with the bike cop at the top of the foun­tain, cop has Josh’s board and Flo is con­tin­u­ing to skate the gap. Josh just keeps telling the cop that the guy is from France and doesn’t speak a word of eng­lish. Flo would run back up the steps, wave to Josh and the cop, say some­thing in French and just go at it again. This went on at least 3 or 4 times.

  7. To wrap it up the cop gave Josh his board back and got Josh to get Flo and leave. It was a funny thing to see the cop com­pletely clue­less as to how to explain to this French guy that he can’t skate. It was a good day, and watch­ing Josh skate the foun­tain gap gave me a new respect for that guys skat­ing abilities.

  8. People may hate on Ki, but you have to hand it to him on this awe­some post, encour­ag­ing EVERYONE to par­tic­i­pate. DO, your story is HILARIOUS!

  9. Sub Zero had this huge con­test planned and it snowed. I was like 19 and going to the art insti­tute. I went down to love with a shovel that I stole from the wawa i used to work at. I was by my self and Fred Gall walked up and asked me what was up. I told him I was gonna try to make the con­test hap­pen and he got stoked, showed up with like 5 other dudes and we got rid of the snow. The next day that con­test where Vinnie P. ollied into the foun­tain went down.

  10. I DID in fact film Pap’s switch kick­flip. Fat Bill told me to put my cam­era away, but I told Pap’s I wouldn’t post this any­where. Which I didn’t. I still haven’t posted it. He came SOOOO close.

    I did show it to Reynold’s one night, and the next day, he made the frontside flip. I guess it got him sparked.

    I also filmed all that stuff in the DC video where the kid is get­ting grabbed my the cops. There was more to it than that. I may post it someday.

    I used to be real self con­scious about skat­ing in front of peo­ple so I would just go there and film peo­ple instead. And that’s just some of the good­ies I ended up with.

  11. Remember the Asian kid that used to do primo slides all over the place? Now THOSE were some seri­ous sparks.

  12. I remem­ber skip­ping school in 7th and 8th grade I would throw my board out the win­dow meet the boys at fkd ter­mi­nal, had a change of clothes (catholic school bitch) and 5 bucks. Just meet­ing so many peo­ple I still kick it with today it was crazy…

    And yo don’t lie the x-​​games was dope too… Just skat­ing Municipal with 1000 peo­ple around was fun

  13. I remem­ber my Mom drop­ping me off there for the day when I was like 10. From West Chester.
    My friend in 8th grade brought a tazzer with him,cause he thought he’d get jacked. Only to taze him­self reach­ing in his pocket.
    Watching two bums fuck in the foun­tain when they used to have those gay ass hip­pie drum cir­cles there.

  14. I was down Love the day Jeremy Wray attempted the frontside 360. The day was redic. So many dudes were throw­ing bangers.

    Wray back­side 180’ed the gap first try, then just went at it for the 360. Must have came close to land­ing and slipped out 4 or 5 times. So close.

    Cairo Foster even went at the gap, but landed to face plant on the first ollie.

  15. We used to take the cap­i­tal bus from Pottstown to the city at least twice a month. I was about 15 or 16 at the time(1995 – 1996). We go from the bus sta­tion straight to love. Heads would always be there rip­ping shit. I remem­ber one time grab­bing some food at wawa alway hook­ing Ottis ( i think that was his name) up with some grandma’s cook­ies and headed back to love. I watch Scott Johnson try­ing to get this line while i eat. I remem­ber a nol­lie flip back 50 in the mid­dle of the line. I thought dam i suck. Those were the days.…

  16. about ’94, com­ing into the city when most heads were still rolling on small ass wheels. Jerry Fisher was cruis­ing around the foun­tain try­ing to sell some 51mm Spitfires. I thought they were dope (I was never tech any­ways). I asked to see ’em but I only had 6 bucks and a trol­ley token. Jerry let me have the brand new set for 6$, I was hyped. My friends thought I was fuck­ing crazy to ride wheels that big. 13 years later and I’m rolling on some 51s today. Thanks Jerry!

  17. I was there the day Kalis was try­ing to nol­lie the foun­tain too. I always thought if he made it that would have been the sick­est trick yet down the gap (until the infa­mous bs 360). I was also there the day Wenning was catch­ing switch heels down it. But I gotta say my fond­est mem­o­ries of Love Park are Stevie just hang­ing out smokin blunts of the dirt­i­est dirt ( you could smell the seeds through­out the park) and just film­ing lines killin every­thing. He’s one of the best dudes he could just do lines for days. Natural talent.

  18. My love park mem­o­ries. ME and Carvin Marvin would go to Westies on Sunday nights. Eat wings and get drunk after FDR. I’d never been to Love before, this was close to the time they’re goin to shut it down. Fuck it ya know gotta go. Ollied down the steps. board­slid every easy ledge. Busted out my mad banger yo, ollied up the ledge around the foun­tain to fs 180 out. Shit was dope. Even had my board go in the foun­tain once. We did this maybe 3 more times before it got shut down. I think it’ll be back one day. Probably be awhile. Keep hope alive. Anyways all the pros in this area could go way out in the sticks, buy a bunch of land and build they’re own replica. But they’ll never think of that. GITDONE

  19. you caqn still skate love. and film there too. last time i was there was like 3 weeks ago. you have to go in the early morn­ing hours i went at like 3am. i only do it once in a while but its so worth it its LOVE park its sick skat­ing the city and LOVE at liek 3am

  20. proved your worth more on the get away sometimes.Those cops were and are ruthless.Eye out for bike cops,most able to give chase.

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