6 thoughts on “If You See Something, Skate Something NYC

  1. I agree with nugget. Once such a data­base exists then plaza design­ers will quickly real­ize how many nat­u­rally occur­ring ledges, etc there already are in any par­tic­u­lar city. Then, given the unde­ni­able abun­dance of nat­ural street ter­rain, parks will fill with vert and round­wall once again.

  2. they’re is not any sort of “spot” data base on the site– not really sure of his intentions.

  3. The future goal of the Skate Something cam­paign is to sim­ply build a pri­vate online com­mu­nity where peo­ple can share their skate spots, pho­tos, and ideas. I highly doubt urban park design­ers will start bas­ing there plaza designs around the info they find on this site. Besides they already make pub­lic parks with skate stop­pers built into ledges etc. Right now we are rais­ing money to fur­ther develop the web­site into some­thing sub­stan­tial. It’s not to be taken too seri­ously, but hey… if you like the design, buy a shirt and sup­port!
    Thanks for the shout out Haveboard!!

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