Kalis Interview on Slap


The Josh Kalis Interview is up on Slap. They polled slap read­ers for ques­tions and did the inter­view over video chat.

Picture 9Cool stuff but I don’t think the final posted video needed to be 720px by 480px con­sid­er­ing how grainy and low qual­ity footage from a video chat is. There are a lot of things I don’t under­stand about what Slap does with their site, though. Regardless, slap always comes through with some good con­tent. I guesss it is just the pre­sen­ta­tion that is my only issue.

He even addresses the beef between him and Ricky, which is inter­est­ing. Glad to here is was some B.S. and was squashed.

Picture 7It also looks like they pulled the video clips from youtube.

4 thoughts on “Kalis Interview on Slap

  1. Wow, I have a lot of respect for Kalis for putting him self out there like that. Those were good answers too. Slap is pulling some next level stuff with this type of con­tent, like true news “on the spot” journalism.

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