8 thoughts on “Larry West posted some good tips about Go Skateboarding Day this Sunday

  1. On Go Skateboarding Day take a moment to remem­ber everyone’s favorite skate cop, the hon­or­able offi­cer Rivieri. This site even gave him an award.
    Hey Dude!


    Cops are such tough guys, when they’re not pick­ing on kids over bs stuff they’re mess­ing with old peo­ple. The com­ments for this one are pretty funny. “The Fry Police”


  2. Try and (dis­creetly) record any inci­dents of exces­sive force. Eyewitness accounts mean noth­ing. If you don’t have evi­dence cops will just lie and your claim will go nowhere. Sometimes cops will try to steal peo­ples cam­eras. You can link your cell phone to cop​watchla​.org so if that hap­pens it won’t mat­ter. If you can’t afford a good cam­corder a per­sonal audio recorder (avail­able for cheap on ebay) is bet­ter then noth­ing. It’s never a bad idea to record any inter­ac­tion with police.

  3. You may actu­ally run afoul of wire­tap­ping laws by record­ing audio with­out the other person’s knowl­edge. I’m not say­ing don’t do it, but a risk exists.

  4. Andy is right. Technically PA is a “two party con­sent” state for record­ing. However luck­ily there are some loop­holes in the law as far as what con­sti­tutes rea­son­able expec­ta­tions of privacy.

    “Kane found the offi­cer had acted in good faith and believed the arrest was proper. She said it is unclear whether Kelly had a right under Pennsylvania’s wire­tap law to record the officer’s con­ver­sa­tion dur­ing the stop. The state’s wire­tap law bars the record­ing of someone’s con­ver­sa­tion with­out their con­sent. Cumberland County District Attorney David Freed said the law can be con­fus­ing, how­ever, and he dis­missed the wire­tap charge against Kelly in mid-​​2007 after deter­min­ing the offi­cer couldn’t expect pri­vacy in such a pub­lic setting.”


    Video evi­dence is best, I was just think­ing of that as a last resort. It’s bet­ter then noth­ing, since if you make a cop mad they love to hit peo­ple with bs “con­tempt of cop” charges. The charge of assault­ing an offi­cer IS a seri­ous one. So if you’re deal­ing with a ticked off cop that you’ve had a bad expe­ri­ence with before, it’s not a bad idea to have audio of you calmly stat­ing “I’m sorry for skate­board­ing” and “I am not resist­ing arrest”. Sad but you just can’t put any­thing past the cops. Last year cor­rupt NYC drug cops framed two com­pletely inno­cent men. They’re REAL lucky there was sur­veil­lance footage.


  5. Actually it is not ille­gal to record any­thing in pub­lic spaces, includ­ing police offi­cers doing the jobs we pay them to do. This is why they are allowed to pho­to­graph us as well. The wire­tap laws are for pri­vate communications.

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