Last Days of Love


This is reposted from insta­gram, but belongs here as well. I haven’t update much and dropped the ball on deliv­er­ing all the news over the past 2 weeks about the LOVE ban get­ting lifted due to the ren­o­va­tions com­ing to the park.

I didn’t get to skate last week at the open invite to LOVE one last time but I went last night in the rain and slush to take a walk around for old time sake and revis­ited a lot of mem­o­ries and still don’t know what to think or how to feel about it all.

I first vis­ited Philly in ’96 with Steve Healy via LowRider Skateshop. I had just grad­u­ated high school and had no idea what to do next. Skateboarding was life at that point in time but I knew Philadelphia was the place to be. We stayed in West Philly in Fat Bill’s tiny 1 bed­room apart­ment. We watched Trilogy for the first time. We watched it almost non stop at the apart­ment when we weren’t skating.

We pushed from 38th and Spruce all the way down South Street. I remem­ber see­ing the sky­line from the bridge for the first time. I remem­ber being amazed at the entire mis­sion and how far we had skated yet it felt like nor­mal. We skated the entire time. I learned pole jams and wall rides. We met up at Love Park every day with so many other skate­board­ers. I hadn’t seen any­thing like it. It was an amaz­ing, eye open­ing experience.

I fell in love with LOVE park and the city of Philadelphia. I knew I wanted to live here.

2 years later I moved to Philadelphia and aside from a 2 year “vaca­tion” in Albuquerque, I’ve called this city my home. I’ve made end­less amounts of new friends and memories.

They say they are going to donate the gran­ite and relo­cate it even­tu­ally but how, where, and when is anyone’s guess. We are los­ing a world renowned spot and the city will never be the same. Everything hap­pens for a rea­son I guess and although skate­board­ing is no longer life the way it once was, I hope this city can con­tinue to grow and remain influ­en­tial to skate­board­ing. I don’t claim to be an OG by any means but I’m happy to have put my time in and con­tributed how I could.

Thank you Skateboarding. Thank You Edward Bacon. Thank you to all of the peo­ple I’ve met in this city, espe­cially those who are car­ry­ing the torch. Thank you LOVE Park. Rest In Peace.

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