Lennie Kirk and the Crazy Side of Skateboarding | VICE | United States

lennie kirk and the insane side of skateboarding

Check out this inter­view about Lennie Kirk over at VICE with the author of Heaven, Dennis Mcgrath.

Heaven is a new photo book com­ing out that doc­u­ments the entire ascent and the down­ward spi­ral of leg­end that is Lennie Kirk. Lennie is cur­rently in prison for 13 years on kid­nap­ping charges. 

I don’t want peo­ple to ever think I’m exploit­ing him. I’m try­ing to give his life some dig­nity. He’s going to have a lot of time to look at this book and maybe this time he will try and change. What he did isn’t right, but by hap­pen­stance I was just there and able to doc­u­ment his life since he was 16 years old.

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