Little Help?

Franklin’s Paine Skatepark Fund is col­lect­ing user data for exist­ing skateparks in Philadelphia to build our case for need­ing (many) other parks around the City and we need your help. To accom­plish this, we are mon­i­tor­ing FDR and POPs this week­end and next and we need vol­un­teers to help us col­lect the data.

Anyone who has wanted to help out — now is your chance — please go here and fill your name in for any time period you can com­mit to. Of course you can skate while mon­i­tor­ing. There will be a meet­ing for all the vol­un­teers this Thursday (Time & Location TBD) to go over the process and hand out forms you can record on. Solid data on how many kids use our exist­ing parks is essen­tial to sup­port our mis­sion of build­ing more (show the need).

2 thoughts on “Little Help?

  1. You should post what times mon­i­tors will be at what parks so we can over flow them with skaters.

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