Mark Suciu Destroying Philadelphia

Mark Suciu may be from Saratoga, CA but he has been drop­ping all kinds of east coast footage lately and his new Adidas video is no exception.

Filmed over a cou­ple of trips to Philadelphia dur­ing the fall of 2012 and win­ter of 2013, Mark Suciu makes his offi­cial debut for adi­das Skateboarding.

Check out some of the stills I pulled from the video to high­light Mark’s skat­ing along with Chris Mulhern’s amaz­ing skill in fram­ing Philadelphia as a back­drop for this part. Great work!

Also check out Quartersnacks’ 21 ques­tions after watch­ing this part. I don’t think quigon’s com­ment over there (

  • he just ended any debate on the “East coast is harder to skate than west coast”) has any truth to it. I feel it is more prov­ing that Mark Suciu is a beast and isn’t going any­where away from skate­board­ing any­time soon.

This post just backs up Chris’ quote on Theories:

I think Center City just looks so good in footage, so much bet­ter than most other cities. I think I’ve filmed/​photographed City Hall a thou­sand times, but I still never get tired of look­ing at that build­ing. And when you film a line at LOVE or Municipal, you have this amaz­ing back­drop… you see that clock tower loom­ing in the footage and you just know it’s Philadelphia.

This line is ridiculous.

City Hall still nicely framed in the background.




Even though peo­ple are say­ing they thought he was gonna hit the third rail this is still amaz­ing. All three rails is on some THPS ’ish but not far from a reality.



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