WTF Wednesday: Matt Pennington of Death Skateboards


I saw this video on the face­book yes­ter­day & thought maybe we could start a new seg­ment that will likely never hap­pen again: WTF Wednesday!

I’m not sure what the Death Skateboards guys are feed­ing their rid­ers but this guy Matt Pennington has a lot of crazy tricks and a bag of style to match, it’s no won­der he skates with Richie Jackson, doing more ridicu­lous­ness.

It may not be as ridicu­lous as yes­ter­days post, which would be a good can­di­date for another WTF Wednesday post but we are already past that. We’re at now, now. We can’t go back to then.

Shout out to Mike M. for post­ing this up on face­book yesterday!

Matt Pennington, ordi­nary mad­ness — YouTube.

One thought on “WTF Wednesday: Matt Pennington of Death Skateboards

  1. Richie Jackson, Patrick Melcher, and this guy, Matt Pennington. Seriously, Death Skateboards is push­ing skate­board­ing in new direc­tions more than any­body else right now. Thanks for post­ing this video!

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