McCreesh Playground

I am very excited to announce that Franklin’s Paine has part­nered with the Southwest Concerned Citizens in Mt. Moriah dis­trict in West Philly to develop a skatepark at McCreesh Playground. We pre­sented a very pre­lim­i­nary con­cept design (spe­cial thanks to local Landlord leg­end Scott Kmiec) to the local com­mu­nity and received an amaz­ing response. This con­cept involves two phases — turn­ing the exist­ing roller-​​hockey rink into a spined bowl and a con­nect­ing sub­merged street plaza with some block steps and china banks with can­tilevered benches. The com­mu­nity was very inter­ested in the over­look seat­ing area in order to watch their kids and enjoy the space. This Project is still in its infancy but now that we have com­mu­nity approval we will begin fundrais­ing. We are work­ing to update our web­site to reflect the cur­rent updates, but in the mean­time, if you want to get involved — please con­tact Claire at 267 – 402-​​2041.

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