McCreesh Skatepark Project Block Party

Scott Kmiec sent out an email today pro­mot­ing the first fund-​​raising event for The McCreesh Skatepark Project. He has been orga­niz­ing this event along with the Franklin’s Paine Skatepark Fund. Skaters from both 5Boro and Totally will be there as well as music from DJ Illumadel and Chuck Treece. Food and some ramps for a skate jam will be pro­vided. The ramps will be left behind for the kids to skate after the event ends. Very cool.

When: Saturday August 14th, 2pm — 5pm
Where: 6744 Regent Street, Philadelphia, PA 19142
Sponsors: FPSF, Totally, Exit, 5Boro, Kinetic, Vitamin Water and more…

The email:

“On August 14th we’re hav­ing our first fundrais­ing event for the McCreesh Skatepark Project. I’ve per­son­ally orga­nized this first fundrais­ing event to bring atten­tion to the project and get the ball rolling with fundrais­ing. I’m excited to announce that we have both 5boro and Totally com­ing out to skate. We’ll be build­ing some ramps for the demo and the com­mu­nity orga­niz­ers have given us per­mis­sion to leave the ramps behind for the kids to skate. DJ Illumadel will be spin­ning reg­gae all day and Chuck Treece is gonna close out the day with a live per­for­mance from McRad! And all kinds of great food will be pro­vided from the local com­mu­nity. I’ve been very involved in this project and this is a ter­rific oppor­tu­nity to build a great pub­lic skatepark for this neigh­bor­hood. Please come out and show your sup­port for what is sure to be an amaz­ing day and the begin­ning of Philly’s next great skatepark. Thanks!

- Scott Kmiec”

21 thoughts on “McCreesh Skatepark Project Block Party

  1. If any of these franklins paine peo­ple skated maybe they would care. Most of them are more con­cerned about twit­ter­ing and updat­ing their face­book pages. I got news for you, no one cares what you ate for break­fast or what kind of cruiser board you skate to go to the bar. The few who do skate are happy skat­ing indoor pools or those rub­ber­maid skateparks on old ten­nis courts. Its been over 10 years, wake up. What they have on that web­site is some bull­shit rhetoric. How long have they been wait­ing for the geot­ech­ni­cal sur­vey or what­ever results on the ground? A year? What it seems like they do is wait for some other peo­ple to take it upon them­selves to orga­nize a move­ment for a park, and then put their logo on it and claim it as a huge suc­cess for them. Have they built a sin­gle thing in 10 years that they set out to do? No. I wouldn’t be con­cerned at all about this because I don’t really like skateparks in any form but the fact is that franklins paine fully backed the “ren­o­va­tions” of love park in order to push this fail­ure of an agenda. thats what pisses me off about this. These peo­ple should be ashamed of them­selves, and they should quit and dis­solve it. They are sell­ing the shit down the river to mon­ster energy drink and espn. Give the money that they raised over to a pub­lic entity con­sist­ing of peo­ple who ride skate­boards for more than just the clothes or the cul­ture or the scene that they for some rea­son or another feel involved in. Let them decide how to build this phan­tom park they keep spew­ing on about, maybe then it would become a real­ity, because there would be pas­sion­ate peo­ple behind it. Not lawyers and blog­gers. They are not cut out for this task, I think thats painfully clear by now.

  2. Zeb, seri­ously cool it. If you are try­ing to call out Scott K for what he likes to skate you are not being a skater. As you said you don’t care for parks so why would you bother com­ment­ing about them. Everyone involved in FPSF that used to skate, still does. I was a huge part of FPSF when Love got shut down and trust me, that was never approved by FPSF or in any way related to. The progress lately is great. Pops is amaz­ing, the White Hall changes are amaz­ing. New guys are get­ting involved and try­ing to make things bet­ter. Your desire to shut them down lacks taste or even any facts. I am not angry, I feel your pain. I miss Love too. If you want to blame any­one for SRSP not being built, blame me cause I worked hard to push for a true pub­lic space the size of LOVE which will cost tons of cash. Times have changed, costs to build have changed and thank­fully peo­ple are learn­ing how to make these parks cheaper. Please stop shar­ing hate every time there is a thread that includes FPSF.

  3. Damn, y’all need to get laid or some­thing. Any way, I refer you back to the flyer at the top. I orga­nized this event to begin fund-​​raising for McCREESH Skatepark. Not SRSP. I don’t work for FP. I DO skate­board. Very much so. Probably longer than most of you have been alive. So shut the fuck up and check this out…

    I brought the McCreesh loca­tion to the atten­tion of FP. Why? Because until Zeb steps up and starts a non profit skatepark orga­ni­za­tion to work with I guess it’s all we got. So I’m work­ing with FP to try to get this park built. See, I’m a Big Brother, like, the men­tor­ing pro­gram. My lit­tle brother Wayne is a 10 yr old kid that lives in that hood. I’m try­ing to get this park built for kids like him. Not for peo­ple like you, Zeb. FP has been noth­ing but excel­lent to work with so far. I mean, straight up, I go to them with an idea for a skatepark and a few months later it’s hap­pen­ing! Can any of you do that for me?

    So please, don’t judge me on projects I’ve never been involved with. But please do come out and be a part of the McCreesh project. The event on the 14th is gonna be good. And if you want to talk with me in pri­vate to get your facts straight before shit­ting all over an event I’ve put lots of time in effort into, you can get my per­sonal infor­ma­tion from Haveboard.

  4. What Im say­ing has noth­ing to do with this par­tic­u­lar event or this scott per­son. As I said, I dont like skateparks, so why would I start some orga­ni­za­tion to build them? Its great that youre try­ing to build parks in the ghetto.
    As for white­hall, that place has been there for years. Fp put money up for upgrades? Good for them. Pops as far as I know didnt have much to do with fp. These guys did it them­selves. So stop act­ing like these are some big vic­to­ries for franklins paine.
    What I know for a fact is, that before love got ren­o­vated these fp peo­ple couldnt have cared less about it, they were busy try­ing to get city coun­cil to give them land to build some replace­ment for it, I repeat, BEFORE it was a done deal. Logic then leads me to the obvi­ous, that not only did they stand idly by while the city was plan­ning the love thing, but they also ben­e­fit­ted by it hap­pen­ing. And on the web­site they have the nerve to act upset about it, and they say it was formed when love got ren­o­vated. You know thats bull­shit nugget. Fp was push­ing that crap way before love got changed.
    Theres a great quote by this guy josh nims in some arti­cle I read on the fp site, this dude said some­thing to the effect of it being a good thing that its taken a decade and prob­a­bly more to get that park done. This is who is run­ning the show, who peo­ple are hop­ing will build some field of dreams skatepark. Him, and a girl who most likely has never rid­den 20 feet on a skateboard.

  5. Zeb, I quote you: “What Im say­ing has noth­ing to do with this par­tic­u­lar event or this scott person.”

    Then take it elsewhere.

  6. Until that park gets built Im going to be all over any post on this web­site that men­tions franklins paine, remind­ing peo­ple that they have done jack shit in the 10 years theyve been defe­cat­ing out of their col­lec­tive mouths about skateparks that are never going to be built. If you dont like it then ban my ip address or sim­ply dont read my comments

  7. The only one spew­ing lies is you Zeb. Wanna talk about it? Contact me via my own web­site as well. How dare you trash on this thread.

  8. Good lord Zeb, you sound like some bit­ter old man. After pops fin­ished up i started a com­pany to build more skate spots/​parks. 5th pocket design Yea, white­hall has been there for over ten years but it has never had this many kids rip­ping the place. The impact of the spaces that im build­ing with help from FP and alot of good peo­ple is pretty unde­ni­able. The spaces are full of kids! Im sorry you didnt get the space that you were so obvi­ously enti­tled to as a young­ster or even now. Yea love got fuct up, but no one was gonna stop that. Not DC, not FP, no one. But if i keep build­ing these lit­tle parks or even a few city sanc­tioned ledge spots it will change skat­ing in philly for alot of kids. I dont know how you have the energy to keep repeat­ing the same shit over and over. If you care than you should do some­thing. But all you do is post on have­board. Its sad. Tell you what, hunt down some aban­doned piece of city land and start talk­ing to a local com­mu­nity group or rec leader about pub­lic skate space. Thats how it starts. Maybe you could have a pos­i­tive impact on some­thing you care about. Trust me the oppor­tu­nity is there to change shit and make some progress. Or just sit and talk your petty shit.

  9. zeb — most of what you posted is incor­rect, i know this cause I wrote most of the checks for the projects and skateparks we (FP) HELPED expand and get built.…FDR, Whitehall, Roslyn, Pop’s…your sense of enti­tle­ment is a micro­cosm of all that is wrong with this fuck­ing country. .

  10. This event is going to be sick! Ramp build­ing should be under­way today thanks to Clayton and Picco. Who is going into the penalty box on the quar­ter to quar­ter fence death­box grind???

  11. The see you there com­ment, no where near nec­es­sary. Zeb’s flick is worth more then your col­lec­tive lives. I’m glad he’s throw­ing a lit­tle salt in the game. Too much sweet not enough savory. It looks like the skateparks are a vehi­cle for gen­tri­fi­ca­tion. Have the balls to call it the sup­posed river park and not a set of let­ters. Nice job on White Hall, the new obsta­cles are top notch. Just go with a pack of friends, last time I went there was noth­ing but kids in white tees brawl­ing each other in the park next to it. Kinda wild style.

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