Hiding spots? Shit’s later’d.…I’d rather skate them with the homies…This shit was kinda scary, but mad fun.…go explore…Bethlehem.…

11 thoughts on “Megaramp?

  1. That thing looks awe­some! I can’t even imag­ine what pos­si­ble rea­son or pur­pose that was made for but damn if it isn’t per­fect for some small scale D Way action. Get at me Ki cause I’m def­i­nitely down for some small road trip action. HB has my email addy.

  2. oh, and the spot.…ISN’T a bust.…after 5.…it has other stuff there too, but it got too dark..There’s some awk­ward slanted bank you can skate behind it thats kinda like a snake run…It’s pretty fun.

  3. yeah that looks rad. in a weird way it reminds me of that “mini golf” course some of those dudes skate in the high grade vid

  4. I may be wrong but I have found a cou­ple spots just like this that are used to park off road vehi­cles out­side of car dealerships.

  5. its a train­ing course for off road vehicles…it starts hella small, but I don’t care what you drove, your shit is get­ting so dogged..theres other slants that drop off a few feet.…funny thing, when we got there, there was noth­ing but sedans in the lot…not a sin­gle suv..

  6. Haven’t you looked at the news over the past year? I’m on the endan­gered species list now. No one in their right mind wants me any­more. I’m so lonely.

  7. I used google maps to see a satel­lite image of the Hummber deal­er­ship and could not find the course. Maybe it got built more recently then when those images were shot from the eyes in the sky. I did how­ever notice that the Hummer logo can be seen from space.

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