MIA by Josh Stewart

MIA Skateshop’s first video “Welcome to MIA by Josh Stewart is avail­able for pre­order. Watch the trailer or if you are in Brooklyn tomor­row night, stop by Enids and check it out.

“After decades of being slept on by the out­side world, the Miami skate scene is finally allowed it’s moment to shine in MIA Skateshop’s first video “Welcome to MIA”. 8 years deep into sup­port­ing the Miami skate scene, MIA Skateshop spent 2 years of work and energy into cre­at­ing a project that would do the scene jus­tice. Owners Ed Selego and Chris Williams paired up with Josh Stewart to put together a video that would bring the amaz­ing expe­ri­ence of skat­ing in Miami to the rest of the skate­board­ing world. What resulted is a video fea­tur­ing the skate­board­ing of Brian DeLatorre, Joel Meinholz, Ed Selego, Forrest Kirby, Ben Gore, Luis Perez, Paul DeOliveira, Danny Fuenzalida and count­less oth­ers in what is def­i­nitely one of the most eclec­tic shop teams out. There are few skate scenes and cities with as much cul­ture and fla­vor as the city of Miami. And MIA’s new video brings all of it to the screen with top-​​notch skate­board­ing, spots, and pro­duc­tion as an added bonus. Welcome to Miami. Welcome to MIA.
Expected ship date is Monday December 13th.” –Josh Stewart

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