8 thoughts on “Mike Bouchard R.I.P.

  1. No. This is hor­ri­ble news. I have no idea what hap­pened. Maybe some­one who knows me can clue me in by email. I remem­ber how crazy that guy was, full of ideas, rid­ing for Sub Zero and Declaration. I worked with him a lit­tle bit on some board graphic stuff. This is really sad. It’s been so long since I have seen or heard about this guy. Rest in Peace.

  2. That dude was the def­i­n­i­tion of east coast style. never knew him — but when­ever he would pop up in a vid part it was always “damn”…“whoa”…Rest In Power

  3. bouchard was cool as hell and would tell some funny sto­ries. always good times skatin with him and laughin. RIP MIKE.

  4. always ter­ri­bleto lose a fel­low skater. say hi to shane fausto phil shao tim brauch and kenan mil­ton for me bro. ever­body pour out a forty and grab a kick­fl­cip for this guy

  5. i cant believe hes gone.….i was always get so stoked to skate when i wached his sk8 vids.….… right know he is enter­taint god with his mas­sive bag of tricks just like his “THE BOOCH RIDE”.……have a good time up there.…..one day ill meet you bro.…..R.I.P MIKEBOOCHBOUCHARD!!!!

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