Missed Connection with Grom Moms & Dads?

Grom Dad seeks Grom Mom! I doubt I have any read­ers who are at the age where their par­ents still drive them to the skatepark to hang out & watch but just in case, maybe you could hook your mom/​dad up with each other. Just think, if your par­ents hook up, you now have an addi­tional ride to the park as well as some­one else to shred with all the time. Also, Mom & Dad won’t be as mis­er­able (until shit hits the fan). Maybe this could even spawn a real life skate themed ver­sion of Stepbrothers.

Full Text:

Sunday at Franklin Mills skatepark — m4w — 45 (Franklin Mills)
Date: 2012-​​07-​​09, 7:18PM EDT

You were sit­ting there watch­ing your son scooter. When I got back from tak­ing my son for some lunch you were gone. I was really hop­ing to talk to you. If you by some slim chance hap­pen to read this I’d love to hear from you. Tell me some­thing from there so I know its you.

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