New Line Skateparks

With all this heated dis­cus­sion about LOVE and skateparks, I thought this would be a good time to show you how amaz­ing skate parks and spots can be. I have had a few meet­ings with the com­pa­nies founder, Kyle. He is a great guy who evolved their style of design a lot over the past few years. The work looks like a much improved vision sim­i­lar to what we had drawn up for Philadelphia. Check out New Line Skateparks.

32 thoughts on “New Line Skateparks

  1. New Line makes ban­gin’ shit, like that park in Vancouver with the boul­der gap. Aren’t they sup­posed to do the con­struc­tion for Paine?

  2. From what I know the con­struc­tion is not set until the funds are raised. As well Philadelphia will require a cer­tain amount of local union labor. However most of the good skatepark com­pa­nies have worked out a sys­tem where they can part­ner with local unions.

  3. and we can safely assume that franklins paine is keep­ing how much money they have raised a closely guarded secret, so lets say a gen­er­ous esti­mate would be 2 mil­lion. 2 mil­lion every 8 years so only 20 more years to go

  4. took the holo­caust museum 13+ years to fundraise and build their museum in DC. that was for the holo­caust. not stu­pid lit­tle wooden toys. to put things into perspective.

  5. it would be a bet­ter idea to look how long it took to fund and build other skateparks in other cities, not to com­pare it to fund­ing and build­ing muse­ums, since the two have noth­ing to do with eachother at all

  6. Zeb, ok, every post that has to do with a skatepark you are going to put up some assump­tion that FPSF can’t raise the money. For the record they are assess­ing the cost of the park and changes to make it cheaper as we speak. Also for the record notice how New Line mostly has parks in Canada. Everything is dif­fer­ent there. And it took years and a huge port­fo­lio of expe­ri­ence for New Line to get in the door of the USA. It helped that Roby Dyrdek hooked them up through his whole MTV thing. Notice how Rob is not using the same firm he used for the DC Plaza in Ohio. Want to know why? Because American skatepark design com­pa­nies are jaded and stuck in the past. It is a night­mare to get a plaza style park build in the USA. If you would stop post­ing crap about how hor­ri­ble FPSF was we might make some progress. I am get­ting way tired of your bad atti­tude. Either do some­thing or shut up already.

  7. It should be added, Zeb, that Paine is not a skatepark. It’s a pub­lic space. Anyone know how long it took to build Eakins Oval? Probably longer than Paine.

  8. I would love to know how much out of the bud­get was set aside to put that “skatepark com­ing soon” sign right off the the bike path. It Had to be drawn up and printed on some pur­chased mate­ri­als. It prob­a­bly was put together by a dif­fer­ent city crew then the one that had to install it at the site. But at least this thou­sand dol­lar sign has been there for 3 long years to remind every­one that there is still hope of a park. with the new lay­out can we expect a new sign com­ing soon?

  9. The first sign that I designed was donated by a print­ing com­pany. After a while some one tore it down. They are putting up a new one soon, its already printed. Ry, why do you want to know this so bad? You can go online and fig­ure out how much sign print­ing costs. I want to know how much of all of you are just going to point fin­gers and not do any­thing about it. Gonzo, that site may have taken a year to build, but it took many years to plan and to get through all the red tape of LA. Zeb, I’m speechless.

  10. brian don’t get so defen­sive about answer­ing ques­tions, they are real con­cerns and should be addressed. maybe you aren’t cut out to answer them if you get upset in the process. and I’m sorry I can’t put the same time and energy into it as you. I’m sure you always had good inten­tions and you are try­ing, which maybe I failed to acknowl­edge but I am now. if there is ever a real dis­cus­sion thats not in the com­ment sec­tion of have­board I would love to be involved. I don’t want to post per­sonal info but if you can get my email address from here you could write me directly or you can get my phone num­ber from scott kip. I am will­ing to do what I can for this just don’t expect me to always say things you are going to agree with or want to hear. hope­fully we can one day soon all get on the same page with this and get some­thing good started

  11. Zeb, answer­ing these ques­tions is some­thing I can’t help but do, not cause I have time on my hands. No one else is answer­ing that’s why I’m try­ing. I am not being defen­sive of answer­ing ques­tions. I do know a lot of the facts. I appre­ci­ate your ideas and stir­ring the pot. It would just be nice if this thread could have addressed design, as intended, not FPSF facts. Design is my pas­sion, not pol­i­tics. It’s just part of the process… which is some­thing most skaters fail to appre­ci­ate or realize.

  12. i keep hear­ing, “Oh, we’re work­ing on a web­site for the project” in every­thing con­cern­ing this skatepark. what the fuck does the web­site really have to do with the actual park? so i can go online and look at what what kids may be able to skate 10 or 15 years down the road? fuck all this win­dow shop­ping bull­shit. build a 40 x 40 ’ smooth sur­face and cement 2 ledges to it and then go from there. it’ll be bet­ter than the flat­ground option at the wan­na­maker build­ing or the clothes­pin. get the grant and ill go there with a shovel myself and do it.

  13. the prob­lem is peo­ple hav­ing a hand in some­thing that they never did or stopped doing years ago; skate­board­ing. it doesnt take a some fuck­ing labyrinth of tran­si­tion, ledges, stairs, a full on pic­nic area with mar­ble gran­ite tables to skate when your mom and aunt are fin­ished eat­ing lunch, and what­ever other lit­tle nooks and cran­nies these “design­ers” are plan­ning. build some­thing real­is­tic that will hon­estly take a week­end of work and i guar­an­tee kids’ll skate it. at least i will.

  14. Jesus fuckin christ if the tears aren’t flow­ing heav­ily on this thread as well. Crying is the new theme here on Haveboard lately. Buy your­selves a box of tis­sues you whiny, do-​​nothing babies.

  15. A well main­tained and reg­u­larly updated web­site will answer all of the ques­tions includ­ing, how much will it cost, how much do we have, who are the spon­sors and what does the design look like. Also the web­site will tell you about the progress with smaller parks like pops and roslyn. It may even keep you updated about the satel­lite parks planned includ­ing “just a bench” and “just a bank”. Websites are great! I can’t wait for FPSF to have one. Give a pos­i­tive vibe a chance. Comment well on the pops progress and keep the momen­tum mov­ing. We will soon have benches and banks in other parts of the city.

  16. no offense, but plan­ning is all that seems to get done. if you’ve got the space, which the sign says you’ve got, then build some­thing. how about for­get­ting about the web­site, and using that time and money to just build some­thing. i’ll give a pos­i­tive vibe when the city quits treat­ing us like step chil­dren. but foreal foreal im over this web­site and all of this “plan­ning and dis­cussing” because thats all it is and prob­a­bly all it ever will be. pops park looks sick, too bad its in kens­ing­ton and every­one who lives in the cen­ter city or close to it are still spot­less. ok? but im gonna go skate clothes­pin and dodge pedes­tri­ans for a cou­ple hours. maybe i’ll see you all out in the streets, if not(probably not) at least that means you are work­ing on web­site so i can come home after being kicked out of every­where and dream about this skateplaza my grand chil­dren will be able to skate if we make it through 12/​12/​12.

  17. Thanks for your advice specs. I don’t know who is mak­ing the web­site. I think it’s some­one who only makes web­sites, not fund rais­ing. Not sure if that helps you any. I think the peo­ple in charge of fund rais­ing made the deci­sion to get the infor­ma­tion out in one place that can eas­ily be updated. That’s how they can lure fund­ing and gain sup­port. Saying “dont build a web­site” is like say­ing “don’t ask for money.” You are right, Myspace is not good enough. I think they’ve got one already. I would not know. I don’t bother with myspace unless its music.

  18. specs, its just not that easy. what your talkin about are quick DIY parks that go up in a short period of time and have very lit­tle over­sight. You have prob­a­bly never been on a job­site where the water table, drainage and a whole slew of dif­fer­ent issues need to be cal­cu­lated before you can even start to esti­mate cost, pro­jected com­ple­tion and so on. look at love for exam­ple. all of the lev­els are com­pletely flat and run on par­al­lel plains with all other lev­els and ledges. do you under­stand how dif­fi­cult that is? and that is just one aspect of many. It takes time and plan­ning to make a job of that scale hap­pen cor­rectly. I agree win­dow shop­ping sucks but do you think for a sec­ond the city would let any­one build some­thing like pops on prime real estate in down­town philly? No chance. People who live in cen­ter city are spot­less? FORREAL, if you cant find some­thing to skate down­town at night then you must only skate vert.

  19. and by the way i drive 45 min from the burbs to build pops 3 days a week. i think u can take a 15 min bus ride to pops when its done. Kleenex is right, and if it both­ers you enough to post on it maybe you could try and help the sit­u­a­tion. If you want to have a valid opin­ion about a topic you must inform your­self first. as soon as you get per­mis­sion to build the spot your talkin about, let me know. I will be 100% down to help you.

  20. Blue Line from City Hall to Huntington stop is a 11min ride and cost 2 bucks. Pops is located on the cor­ner of Huntington and Trenton Ave. Come on by.

  21. “if you cant find some­thing to skate down­town at night then you must only skate vert.” Hell, I skate pri­mar­ily tran­si­tions, and I can still find shit to skate any­where in the cit-​​tay. Here’s a hint: if you keep mov­ing, nobody can kick you out. Keep fight­ing the good fight. And Jesse, let me know when the next build ses­sion is. jorge ’att’ eat­my­cube ’dott’ com.

  22. Keep up the good work nugget. I believe in what you guys are doing and believe it will hap­pen some­time soon!

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