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With due respect for Olympic Athletes, we the under­signed skate­board­ers and advo­cates strongly request that the IOC NOT RECOGNIZE SKATEBOARDING AS AN OLYMPIC SPORT, or use skate­board­ing to mar­ket the Olympics. Further, we ask that the IOC NOT rec­og­nize any indi­vid­u­als or groups claim­ing to be the IOC rec­og­nized gov­ern­ing body of skate­board­ing or pro­vide fund­ing to them. Skateboarding is not a “sport” and we do not want skate­board­ing exploited and trans­formed to fit into the Olympic pro­gram. We feel that Olympic involve­ment will change the face of skate­board­ing and its indi­vid­u­al­ity and free­doms for­ever. We feel it would not in any way sup­port skate­board­ers or skateparks. We do not wish to be part of it and will not sup­port the Olympics if skate­board­ing is added as an Olympic sport.

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  1. Not sure where I stand on this one.I can watch Danny Way any time with­out the olympics but maybe it would help to get more parks built.

  2. Yea I’m not sure where I stand on this either. There’s a lot of pos­i­tives and a lot of neg­a­tives asso­ci­ated with this sort of atten­tion. I do really enjoy watch­ing all the snow­board­ing events in the win­ter olympics.

  3. On another note I do love that Skatenerd shirt, but at the same time it is just incor­rect. Skateboarding is a sport, there is no way you can deny that so please don’t bother. I’m not say­ing it isn’t also an art form and a cul­ture, it cer­tainly is those things as well as oth­ers. To say it’s not a sport is just… well stu­pid. You don’t have to be throw­ing a ball to a team­mate to be par­tic­i­pat­ing in a sport. Is fish­ing not a sport? What about hunt­ing? What about cycling? All those sports share some­thing in com­mon with skate­board­ing. It’s just you. You’re com­pet­ing against your­self, nature, an inan­i­mate object… you get the point.

  4. Now maybe back in the 40’s and 50’s when it was a piece of wood with some steel roller­skate wheels on it you could claim that it wasn’t a sport. Unfortunately the abil­ity to make that claim dis­ap­peared 30+ years ago when skate­boards were mass pro­duced and peo­ple started doing tricks that required a level of skill and com­pet­ing in com­pe­ti­tions. I find it funny that peo­ple still have this “anti sport” thought in their heads. Skateboarding was a sport before I started and before any of you started. I can hardly wait for the responses. Flame on people.

  5. see orig­i­nally i didnt have a prob­lem with it but as i started to think about it the olyp­ics would put guid­lines for skat­ing certin tricks tht they wanted to see it would suck the cre­ativ­ity of skate­board­ing right out. i mean if they put skate­board­ing in the olympics in the 80’s would we still be doin slap­pys would the design of the skate­board ever change i mean there is alot of thigs tht could com­pletely change skate­board­ing as we know it

  6. keep skate­board­ing out of the olympics. Unless you put some­one like Duncan in charge who will keep it true. Theres no way a dag­ger would sell us out to these pinche putos. Skateboarding is just like the rest of amer­i­can life in terms of the media con­trol­ling the scene. That makes me sad. Its fucked up when you see trends in skate­board mag­a­zines and its fucked up when you have guys like PETE ELDRIDGE who only get flow from com­pa­nies, yet lit­tle kids and image hos are mak­ing a liv­ing. This aint rock­n­roll, this aint hiphop. This is skateboarding.

  7. Well, the ques­tion about skat­ing being a sport, i guess to some peo­ple it is and to some it isnt. Depends on your view of skate­board­ing. For me, ive been rid­ing since april 1985 since i was a lit­tle kid, thats 22 years now. People like me who dont even care if i see a mag or a video ever again but still are out almost daily search­ing and learn­ing, to me its not a sport, but to some­one who likes to sit and watch the xgames, and gos­sip about stats, who rides for who, wears all the lat­est in “skate” fash­ions, i can see how these peo­ple see skate­board­ing as a sport. Again, it comes down to the view­point of the per­son. To me its not a sport. Any arguments?

  8. I can agree with Dr$ to an extent, I guess it all does vary depend­ing on your view. The Dr has 7 more years in the game than me but I feel the same way as you do when it comes to skate­board­ing media (mags, vids). I haven’t bought a skate mag or video in almost 4 years. I get 99% of my skate­board­ing news, pho­tos, videos or what­ever right here on Haveboard. As far as con­tests go I do like watch­ing them whether it be on TV or in per­son. Don’t nec­es­sar­ily like all the cor­po­rate spon­sor­ship bull­shit but I guess in order for some­one to pick up a check for $10K someone’s gotta pony up the loot right? Gotta take the good with the bad.

  9. It’s a spart. The guys who claim that it’s all men­tal and there­fore an art are guys like me who just skate ditches and manny pads. Some of the kids I film with, though, watch skate videos all night with ice-​​packs on their knees after a four­teen stair film­ing sesh. The level of ath­leti­cism is unde­ni­able in these kids and the fact that they might not know what a no-​​comply is or have never heard of Frankie Hill doesn’t make their indi­vid­ual take on skate­board­ing any less valid than the rest of us. Pj Ladd said he would be stoked for an Olympic skate­board­ing event. After ten hours of prac­tice every day for ten years in an attempt to become a world class ath­lete, it would allow him a plat­form to really show and be treated as such.

  10. Skateboarding isn’t about sport or art. The very thing that makes skate­board­ing such an inter­est­ing force is the fact that it is such a per­fect mar­riage of these two aes­thet­ics. Evil Knievel meets David Lynch. Your tricks can be sub­tle and grace­ful or raw and unapolo­get­i­cally pho­to­genic. So I think the ath­letes should have the right to choose whether or not Olympic glory is some­thing impor­tant to them. And as always, we have every right to turn the t.v. off and go skate.

  11. SKATEBAORDING IS NOTSPORT BECAUSE: 1. There are no rules. (unless your a scen­ester) 2. There are no goals. (unless your a careerist) 3. There are no ref­er­eees. (unless your a hater) THANK YOU AND GO CRY MERIVER.

  12. Skateboarding is a method of trans­porta­tion, not a sport. Is rid­ing the bus a sport? Come to think of it, bowl­ing and pool are not sports, either. And nei­ther is a fuck­ing spelling bee! But if there can in any way be a “win­ner,” then ESPN will broad­cast the fuck out of it.

  13. this topic of whether it is a sport or not is fuck­ing bor­ing. Sport or not, I don’t really think it should be in the Olympics.

  14. I will lose all my spon­sor if I don’t enter the olympics. My moun­tain dew, Ford Trucks, and Burger King money. dON’T BE ANGRY BUT I need my olympic money. I gots to buy an Iphone. Yall feel me

  15. If you don’t like skate­board­ing in the spot­light stop film­ing your selves. Maybe paint pic­tures of skat­ing instead. I think skat­ing is more of an art any way. You are all apart of the problem.THis is why skate­board­ing is going to be in the olympics. You can’t stop the fire.

  16. It’s funny read­ing what some of you peo­ple think the def­i­n­i­tion of a sport is. Get your mind out of the NFL state that’s in. Maybe you should look it up for a clearer vision. It doesn’t involve rules, goals/​scoring, or ref­er­ees. As for it being in the Olympics I don’t think it’s any­bodys deci­sion here, unless of course you’re on the level that you think you could actu­ally com­pete were it in the Olympics. Layaway makes a great point. Stop draw­ing atten­tion to skate­board­ing and all of this will go away. If you’ve ever filmed or taken a photo of a trick for some­thing other than just look­ing at it all by your­self then you have no right to com­plain about how big skate­board­ing is get­ting. What’s that smell? Oh it’s the smell of hypocrisy.

  17. dfi­ant, I am glad you like my shirt, how­ever it is as cor­rect as I want it to be. It says “If I” mean­ing, my opin­ion. And those who buy it believe in it. It hap­pens to be the best sell­ing skaten­erd shirt of all time. If you look at the peti­tion, Bob Burnquist signed just a few before me. And a few years back Lance Mountain was quoted “Skateboarding is not a sport, it’s an art form” in ref­er­ence to igno­rance of non skaters get­ting involved in the indus­try. There is no ques­tion to the ath­letic integrity of skate­board­ing to many of its users. However, every­one gets involved for their own rea­son and style. To solid­ify the rules, equip­ment and ter­rain of skate­board­ing would just be wrong. Skateboarding is still changing.

  18. I have to say that it would be beyond my duty to con­tribute to any cam­paign that might suc­cess­fully lead to the pre­ven­tion of some­one else actu­ally real­iz­ing their dreams. If skate­board­ing goes to the olympics and skaters want to com­pete, let them. No dis­re­spect to those with the tal­ent who elect not to go either.

  19. Nugget, you cer­tainly can call it what you want. If I could edit that line in my first com­ment I would. That is great that Bob Burnquist will sign a peti­tion to keep skate­board­ing out of the Olympics, a 3,000 year old sacred global com­pe­ti­tion between the best of the best. Maybe I would take him seri­ously if he wasn’t in such a hurry to hop on a plane to catch the next X-​​games con­test, Gravity Games, Dew-​​action sports tour or maybe set up a fuckin rail that he can grind into the grand canyon before open­ing a para­chute so he can make an hour show about it on national TV. If it does become an Olympic sport you can bet your ass he’ll be stand­ing on the vert ramp next to all the other guys beg­ging for a chance to win a gold medal and get a lit­tle more fame and for­tune. The grass is always greener on the other side… espe­cially when there is green (or in this case gold) on the other side.

  20. Just like jew­elry, I never under­stood the appeal of medals and tro­phies. These things don’t do any­thing! Nobody has ever said, “That tro­phy sure came in handy when our car broke down.” I admit that I do con­tra­dict myself here, as I once won a pack of bolts at a con­test, and I keep them around for the sake of mem­ory. How ghetto of a con­test is that, when one of the prizes a fuck­ing pack of bolts? That’s how we roll in Phoenixville.

  21. you gotta feed the mon­key, man, but there is such a thing as too much. I guess you are right DFiant, i myself am a hypoc­tite. I make $ skat­ing, i shoot with photo and video peo­ple. i have spon­sors. I travel and even go to con­tests lately. And ive got some main­stream opor­tu­ni­ties going right now.I dont like pigs but a cracka gotta eat.(thats the hypocricy right there) For the most part i dont have to go to a real job. I love to skate and to find and learn new stuff. Doesnt mean i like all the hype in skat­ing. Used to take a cer­tain breed to be hon­est. Sometimes you eat the bar and some­times the bar eats you.

  22. I feel ya Dr$ and I was in no way tak­ing shots at you or any­one else on here, I know a dudes gotta eat. And if I could make money skate­board­ing you bet­ter believe I would. As the wise lay­away pointed out, we’re all part of the prob­lem, so I guess we’re all to blame right? I just want to know if peo­ple want to draw the line… where does it get drawn and who has the right to deter­mine that? There’s hypocrisy in every­thing. We’re all hyp­ocrites when it comes down to it.

  23. I really don’t under­stand why any­body would be opposed to skate­board­ing in the Olympics. I just don’t see the prob­lem. We all have intense nos­tal­gia for skate­board­ing and the way it was when we were young and first start­ing out, but it really isn’t our deci­sion any­more to define what skate­board­ing is or will become. There are new kids with new ideas and, for me, that’s really excit­ing. Also, it will open the door for tal­ent we never expected. Once it becomes less American and more International we will undoubt­edly see a surge in dif­fer­ent styles and skills from parts of the world that are, well, not California.

  24. This is an issue of exclu­sion. None of us, by virtue of how long or pas­sion­ately we’ve skated, have the right to exclude will­ing par­tic­i­pants from com­pet­ing. Sell-​​outs, posers, scenesters-​​all of them have a place in skate­board­ing, oth­er­wise this skate­board­ing lex­i­con would not exist. Skateboarding is what­ever you want it to be; art, trans­porta­tion, sport, stunt, exer­cise, defi­ance, accep­tance, etc. I for one did not spend the last twelve years on-​​board to secure a place in a skate­board­ing hier­ar­chy. Bottom line: nobody has the right to define skate­board­ing for some­one else.

  25. Yeeeaaaa! I like that! Now excuse me. I need to go fix my frontside grabs. I grab the board between my legs, instead of out­side my knee. We all know that shit’s against the rules. But I push with my back foot!

  26. I have farts for sale does any one got 2 dolla dolla bills yall all all yea

  27. Don’t give up your right to define what skate­board­ing is.Tryin’ to come up on some new farts,really though.

  28. if you train, is it a sport.…i just read this entire thing just to find a DO post. fuck ya.…now back to icing that ankle, yoga, weed and all types of ill shit.…

  29. There IS a upside to all this maybe it would be the end of push­ing mongo the judges would dock points for being MONGO

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