Pepe Martinez R.I.P.

There is all sorts of things I could be post­ing about like Philly yet again hat­ing on it’s skate­board­ing pop­u­la­tion but I’d rather shout out Pepe Martinez who passed away 9 years ago today. I lit­er­ally wanted to be Pep grow­ing up. His style on & off the board as well as his trick selec­tion still influ­ences me today. I feel like it was just yes­ter­day that I was mak­ing a sten­cil of R.I.P. PEPE for my board & tshirt.

Thanks to 48 Blocks for the video link.

Pepe Martinez Tribute — YouTube.

And my favorite Pep part of all time was from Element’s Fine Artists:

7 thoughts on “Pepe Martinez R.I.P.

  1. You should post about josh nims and franklins paine hat­ing on the skate­board­ers of philadel­phia. That way your web­site can atleast resem­ble an infor­ma­tive source of skate­board news, atleast for a moment.

  2. Zeb, I agree although I don’t feel like peo­ple come here for any­thing like that any­more. I’ve been watch­ing it blow up on face­book. I’ve been think­ing a lot about it since I saw about the meet­ing the city was hav­ing about the new pro­posed bill. I’ll get some­thing up about it today or tomorrow.

  3. I’m sure most of the peo­ple that come on here would rather see a post about that than an arti­cle on wheel­chair jump­ing. Thanks for putting some­thing up, not every­one has a face­book and I just saw the quote an hour ago, and since you live in philadel­phia and have a skate­board news web­site, you have the most rea­son to put some­thing up. Its your duty, really.

  4. Zeb, hon­estly thank you for the reminder. I ’ve had a hard time get­ting back into this after the hia­tus. I feel like I’m just regur­gi­tat­ing every­thing I see on Facebook regard­ing skate­board­ing in Philadelphia. You are absolutely right that not every­one has a face­book page. I have felt as if I lost my entire audi­ence to face­book but now I know that isn’t true.

    I’ll try and do a bet­ter job with post­ing more on here about things that actu­ally mat­ter regard­ing skate­board whether I saw it on face­book or not.

  5. I’m glad you feel that way and look for­ward to more thought pro­vok­ing arti­cles about skate­board­ing in philadel­phia on here.

  6. Yeah, I’m totally in the dark with the uproar over this, as I have no Facebook page. I was wor­ried every­body had for­got­ten about this issue. Let’s strike down this bill, build this Art Museum skatepark, and get this mouse out of my ceil­ing! Also, I never knew much about Pepe, but it’s fun watch­ing the footage of him as a kid.

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