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Stopped by Pop’s on my way to work the other day. Jesse and a tight crew were lay­ing down a full truck­load of con­crete. A quar­ter­pipe, the rest of the lit­tle spine, and a big chunk of the cen­ter­piece got done. Nice work dudes. More pho­tos after the jump.



32 thoughts on “Pop’s Progress

  1. damn…cant wait till that shit is done. gas prices are a bitch…driving 20 miles to a plas­tic park, ain’t ballin’…

  2. Don’t worry G Money, I’m sure some­one will be along shortly to bitch about some­thing. But to keep the pos­i­tiv­ity flow­ing this place is def­i­nitely shap­ing up nicely. Could pos­si­bly be the new lunch break spot.

  3. DAMNN! looks so sick! lil somthin for every­one here. R them ledges gona be raw cement? or angle iron.. i hope cement, That park wouldnt have been used for nothin this is really great. ground hurtin? nothin a lit­tle paint cant fix

  4. da boul tom penis cruse beat me to the neg­a­tive com­ment. So i’ll just leave a drunk sar­cas­tic com­ment… i wanna see some metal ramps and plas­tic boxes, jerks. Pre-​​fab or die mother fuck­ersssss. Raw con­crete my ass. Tryin to get some rubber-​​topped sticky ledge action going.…… Sorry everyone.

  5. the ledges are going to have angle iron, sorry. i know con­crete feels bet­ter but its just not gonna last when bik­ers start to carve out their mas­ter­piece, aka ruin another spot.

  6. I may or may not have a drink­ing prob­lem, but you aren’t help­ing mat­ters any, G Money… if that issss your real name. Let’s fight this out… or hug it out. <33333333333nohomo.

  7. I like what they started to do at DC Plaza..Last time I was there they were tak­ing the dogged tops off the cement ledges, putting an iron frame around it (just the top), then fill­ing the tops in with cement. So it was like the best of both words..You get that con­crete feel­ing but the ledge doesn’t get messed up.

  8. Rounded chud­ded ledges from bikes is soo much bet­ter. Angle iron? Pffffft!! Fuck that shit!! :) :) <------emoticons...so hot right now.

  9. “Angle iron’s not con­crete, but it’s a hun­dred times bet­ter than plas­tic.” Amen to that.

  10. What dif­fer­ence does it truly make? No mat­ter what, peo­ple here are gonna hate on it. Jesse knows his shit…he’ll make sure shit’s buttas..I’m not worried.

  11. i wish mar­ble or gran­ite were in the bud­get but even if it was, steel is the only thing thats going to hold up to bikes. And im not try­ing to say i want bikes there but real­is­ti­cally none of us are going to be able to stop it com­pletely. So… angle iron it is.

  12. maybe make one ledge raw cement.. and after it gets biked or skated to death could angle iron it later

  13. It’s way harder to get angle iron to stay on after it’s been skated or biked on. Just deal with it. The longer we can pre­serve any­thing to shred…the better.

  14. Give Jesse a break! Like 5 peo­ple help him build that park. It’s gonna be the best spot in Philly and peo­ple are get­ting upset about not hav­ing raw con­crete to grind? His deci­sion to pre-​​plan and install metal now while it’s being built instead of ham­mer drilling it in later, when it might crack the ledge, is a bad thing? The metal he is using is rusty, good and rusty. The way metal should be for grinds. Not like all the other parks with east coast cop­ing, that white metal that feels like an alu­minum can under your trucks. I’m gonna get up there from south philly every chance I can get. And when the parks too crowded, any one wanna shoot some hoops?

  15. Instead of bitch­ing at Jesse & the crew, try thank­ing them, or help­ing them..they are DOING. We need more guys like that.

  16. im try­ing to make every­thing i build as sus­tain­able as pos­si­ble. sus­tain­abil­ity is a very key term when deal­ing with the city now, because they dont want to have to shell out money for repairs later on. If i built shit that con­stantly needed repairs then the chance of build­ing more parks like this would greatly decrease. But i also want to give the skaters what they want. so its a bal­anc­ing act. angle iron is sus­tain­able and grinds good. if its welded in place before con­crete is poured it will be there for a long time. If any­one has ques­tions im more than happy to answer them. and start look­ing around the city for under­uti­lized pub­lic space, that is what we need to build more spots.

  17. There area of vacant lots in Philly equals the size of Center City. That was the fig­ure in 2005, and I’m sure it’s more or less the same now. More skatespots. More com­mu­nity gar­dens. More play­grounds. More parks. Urban farm­ing? I’m ram­bling now.

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