Red Fountain at Love in the name of Advertising

Philebrity Reports about the state of LOVE PARK today as it appears they are pro­mot­ing for Showtimes new show, “Dexter”.

“Wait a minute: You cant fuck­ing skate­board in Love Park any­more, but for the right price, you can fill the foun­tain with fake Hollywood blood for the day?”

I’m glad I’m not the only one scratch­ing my head. I hope they get some good video footage.

14 thoughts on “Red Fountain at Love in the name of Advertising

  1. you cant prank the foun­tains any­more. an artist did the first col­or­ing and since then the city does it on pur­pose from time to time. squat­ters put bub­ble bath in the foun­tain to romp around in so thats taken. what else is there.…

  2. this is slightly off topic, but i still want to men­tion the fact that there is still a piece of angle iron at love. It’s on the 2 stair ledge on the 15th street side of the park. it was put in by skaters, and has been over­looked by the city for 8 years. the city should replace the mar­ble that they removed from love, and get rid of those shitty cement planters too. what the fuck are those? bum toilets?

  3. Actually, that angle iron has dete­ri­o­rated into pretty much noth­ing. I should snap a recent photo of it.

  4. These days I avoid Love at all costs. It’s too painful — and I’m a fuckin’ bowl troll!

  5. You know, you could always dump a bun­cha sewage in there. That would be an appro­pri­ate prank.

  6. nah, yo. the last time i was in philly i was at love w/​ sabah. That piece of angle iron is as solid as hell. the only way that piece is com­ing off is if they changed the whole block of marble.

  7. I had lunch at LOVE last week. clearly, you being in nyc means you prob­a­bly know more than me, though. CLEARLY!

  8. clearly it’s very clear that skate­board­ing is a clear path on the way to be clearly drink­ing clearly cana­dian? google points skateboarding?

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