Repeal California SB 994 — Skatepark Helmet and Pad Law

Go sign this peti­tion that I found out from Love Park R.I.P.

“Senate Bill 994 and Health and Safety Code 115800 has turned skate­board­ers into crim­i­nals in their own skateparks they helped build. It must be repealed (deleted) and skate­board­ing added to the Hazardous Recreational Activity List (GC 831.7) to pro­vide pub­lic skateparks immu­nity from injury law­suits. SKATEBOARDING IS NOT ON THE HRA LIST AS WE WERE DECIEVED INTO BELIEVING!”

2 thoughts on “Repeal California SB 994 — Skatepark Helmet and Pad Law

  1. i have a war­rant right now for not wear­ing full pads at chino. super gay, and i guess i should’ve paid that ticket…

  2. i hate the peo­ple that hate skaters i sk8 4 life it i what i do and they think there crim­i­nals they dont like us because its harder than base ball or tenis ect se ya

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