Some of My Best Friend’s Are Skateboarders

This Saturday, help raise funds for the Wilmington Skate Project. The WSP is a Delaware based non-​​profit orga­ni­za­tion that’s been lob­by­ing city gov­ern­ment to pro­vide a high qual­ity, free pub­lic skatepark for the locals of Wilmington, DE.

Entitled “Some of My Best Friend’s Are Skateboarders”, the show will fea­ture a mix of dif­fer­ent media (paint­ing, graphic design, sculp­ture, fab­rics, etc.) from over thirty artist includ­ing Shepard Fairey, House Industries, Jim
Houser, Evan Hecox, Andy Jenkins, Chris “Dune” Pastras, Ben Woodward (Space 1026), Thom Lessner, Gina Triplett and Matt Curtius, Anthony Skirvin and Joe Castro.

The one-​​night-​​only show will take place Saturday, April 22 from 5 – 10:00 PM at the Brandywine Community Town Center

(Route 202 and Naaman’s Road) just north of Wilmington, DE. We’re ask­ing for a sug­gested dona­tiong of $5 to help raise funds for the con­struc­tion of a free out­door skatepark in Wilmington. Some of the work will be for sale, with pro­ceeds also going back to the WSP.

For more infor­ma­tion, visit
www​.wilm​ing​ton​skatepro​ject​.org or

31 thoughts on “Some of My Best Friend’s Are Skateboarders

  1. House Industries is awe­some. You gonna go check this out Haveboard? If so let me know I might be inter­ested in going. Sucks that its in Wilmington but whatever.

  2. funny how wilm­ing­ton delaware is doing some­thing of this mag­ni­tude while the entire skate com­mu­nity of philly aint got shit. oh except a bunch of hate on a web­site. get it together homies! theres a really expen­sive park to be built and no money!

  3. It’s been a long ways com­ing though. We’ve been hav­ing skate jams for about 5 years now, with all pro­ceeds going towards the Wilmington Skate Project; hope­fully some­thing comes out of it soon enough.

  4. I call it debate. I asked ques­tions and the only answer I got was that I am washed up hater. I asked for finan­cial data and got noth­ing, and I asked that a bowl be added to one of the grassy fields at srsp and was told there wasn’t any room. I was told to go build some­thing per­son­ally. I was told to start my own com­mit­tee too. But even­tu­ally, I real­ized that my own pref­er­ences don’t mat­ter as much as I thought. I have some opin­ions about a few things, but I really do hope that you all get to see your spot get built.

  5. If that is what you think, then fine, but I would say that the whole issue cost me more that it will cost you.

  6. uh, once again im stupi­fyed by every­thing that this dude types. are you the biggest troll in the world or are you really this retarded?! what may i ask has this issue cost you? your street cred?(oops, pool cred) your self respect? the fact that your wife is fuckin sick of you sound­ing off about your “hunger for round­wall”? if your think­ing of all the pre­cious time you wasted cry­ing via the inter­net, think about all the peo­ple that have to read it and then actu­ally do any­thing related to mak­ing our skate scene bet­ter. believe me i would rank any­one who has lifted a fin­ger to make a new park hap­pen a lit­tle ahead of you as far as who has sac­ri­ficed the most.

  7. I argued for what I wanted and I got this sort of reac­tion. That is the cost I am talk­ing about. I didn’t lose any­thing, or sac­ri­fice any­thing (of value)besides a few good times, a few road trips. To those who have worked on it, like the first SAN Guys and their cur­rent lineup, and even FP, I do hope that they get to see suc­cess. I think that its wierd to be so deter­mined to get a park, or a zone or what­ever, with­out a lit­tle bit of every­thing, but that is my own problem.

  8. You only started whin­ing about a bowl on the inter­net and cause all kinds of drama AFTER the design was final­ized. And, for the record, didn’t you quit SAN almost as soon as you were involved?

  9. who is this DO guy any­how? do i know him? curios­ity is killing me. have​board​will​hate​.com in full effect. word to yo mama.

  10. I left SAN because I was too busy with other things to be able to con­tribute on the same level as every­one else. To me, it was out of respect for the time those guys were giv­ing to the cause. My design sug­ges­tion for the SRSP was the first online sub­mis­sion that skaten­erd even got. Do you have any other questions?

  11. i think its weird to be unable to think of a “skate park” with­out think­ing of a bowl. its also kinda weird to con­tin­u­ally chime in on a web­site with a adver­sar­ial and usu­ally con­fus­ing point of view. but what do i know? i think a skatepark looks like a manny pad with some curb cuts. im not cast­ing any more “inter­web stones”.

  12. I thought this prob­lem was all ready solved.. With FDnar hav­ing bowls, tranny, etc.. And the new spot if it ever does hap­pen to be a place like LOVE with REAL STREET like obstacles.…Truthfully…FUCK IT i will shredd anything.….IT’s ALL SKATEBOARDING.….RELAX DUDES.…we should all be work­ing together because we are all skate­board­ers here. We gotta make some­thing hap­pen.… Everything is Everything…

  13. Fuckin’ right, Phil. I’m not much of an ollier – I’m a tranny skater or an “old schooler,” if you will. Dispite that, I can still have fun on any ter­rain – except handrails. I can’t do shit on those, but that’s beside the point. DO, I don’t know if you ever heard, but there’s a spot in South Philly called FDR. Tranny parks don’t get any bet­ter than that. Four-​​year-​​olds can have all the toys in the world and still whine when they want some­thing new. Who wants to be like that? SKATE EVERYTHING!

  14. At this point I could give a shit if the city just let us have bridge spot. JUst some­thing. I think it is truly ridicu­lous how much red tape we have to go through just to skate..Renegade spots are just the best. Spots where some­one took it upon them­selves to make their scene bet­ter on their own dime. People keep ask­ing me if there IS gonna be another bridge spot…I really don’t know if any­one I know wants to waste their time build­ing another thing that might get destroyed. But I will say this..Expect to see a few ran­dom ledges pop­ping up here and there in the city…Keep peo­ple mov­ing. Keep peo­ple guess­ing. But in the end…and most important..keep peo­ple shredding.

  15. YEAH KI.……that’s word.….I have some ideas of spot placement.…Actually some­one beat me to one already.….Renegade spots, I LIKE HOW IT SOUNDS…breakin the law , breakin the law.…will share ideas soon…peace

  16. Oh my God.…I have actu­ally said some­thing peo­ple don’t want to kill me over for a change.…I must be slippin..

  17. to be offi­cial, and because I put a lot of time and effort into mak­ing our scene bet­ter, if any­one has any ques­tions about why SRSP is the way it is, or what­ever, feel free to email me. DO, i have tried my best to work with you (ask­ing that we meet in per­son to end this child­ish­ness), how­ever was informed many times that it is not worth it. I smell bridges burn­ing? Thanks, Brad

  18. I have yet to see a rene­gade bowl made anywhere.…..FDR kinda counts, but you know what I mean…Now THAT would be some seri­ous shit right there!!!

  19. Okay, if any­one is listening…It would be nice if there was a rene­gade mini-​​ramp some­where close by.…..Is there such a thing???

  20. Dan… What gives? About 4 months ago we did this before. You said you wanted to get in on find­ing land and build­ing a bowl. We even talked about it being near Pats and Ginos. I said I would help. You never called me back /​ emailed me back, or Brad… I heard you just like to see us get all pissed off. As far as I can tell the 14 skaters work­ing toward build­ing parks in the DE, PA, NJ area are all blog­ging on this site and you try to yell at us? Bull sh**. I really hope your bs antics are over. I used to like you but this is get­ting lame. Good luck with being too busy for us, the skate scene and all your friends who insist that bowl skat­ing is the only way to go. The rest of us are going to keep work­ing, the only way we know how.

  21. You tell ’em, Nugget! How about this: the day SRSP is built, I’ll cry to you, “Why isn’t there a vert ramp?!” And hey Dan, if you really wanted a bowl, you’d be build­ing the fucker instead of whin­ing about it on the internet.

  22. “fdr kinda counts” we are the biggest bag of used tampons.…our park is known the world over as one of the top 10, and we are bitching…man the fuck up, wanna skate a pool, go search back­yards, wanna skate one of the best parks in the world take the orange line south ya fags.…DO, your a pussy, fuck off

  23. trust me…your best bet is to just get some money off me.….helping you build it will only con­tibute to your ramp being unridable…But, I can build quite the nice manny box!!! Daewon holla!!!!

  24. think we’re gonna get some expe­ri­enced dudes to han­dle that, we need grunt labor for mov­ing all the wood, ya got arms right? hahahha

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