Sunday Warehouse Session for Movie Mondays

Today I’m try­ing out a new weekly fea­ture called “Movie Mondays”. I’ll try my best to get some kind of video clip posted every Monday for all the lurk­ers. Our first Movie Monday is a low key Sunday Night Philly Warehouse Session.

Last night was the first time I’ve skated the ware­house in over 2 months since frac­tur­ing my kneecap. It was a fun time.

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3 thoughts on “Sunday Warehouse Session for Movie Mondays

  1. Keep those bones healthy! Take that sil­ica. I don’t want to see you on the side­line any­more. I wanna see you skatin’!

  2. oh shit! mag­i­cal dave footage… tell me that roll in on that cor­ner wasnt magic… its the only explination

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