TWS rips SkateNerd name for trivia show

Skatenerd​.com has been around for quite some time but today Transworld announced the com­ing of a new Skate Trivia show enti­tled “Transworld Skate Nerd”. Brian Nugent has been run­ning with the name “SkateNerd” for as long as I’ve known him, over a decade. Yes the term _​_​_​_​nerd is fairly com­mon and there is even an Urban Dictionary entry for it but Googling Skatenerd will gen­er­ate sev­eral top links show­ing skaten​erd​.com asso­ci­ated con­tent. I’m not sure what legal stake there is in this name by either Brian or TWS but it’s pretty poor form of TWS (in my opin­ion) to name their trivia show “Skate Nerd” when the entity of “Skate Nerd” has been around for over a decade, based in the Philadelphia skate com­mu­nity. What’s your opin­ion on all this?

4 thoughts on “TWS rips SkateNerd name for trivia show

  1. It’s weird. The logo even uses the same font I have been using for years. Not sure how I feel about all this.

  2. Hope you got that copy­righted or at least have had it reg­is­tered oth­er­wise there is really noth­ing you can do. :( But you have been around for a long­time you may have some­thing there.
    They did the same thing with the The Jam “Skate and Create Series”, as that was a 5 yr. tour­ing series that they even adver­tised on their site, it con­fused many of the par­tic­i­pants in those events.
    Just proves all the best ideas come from the East, the west is always bit­ing our stuff! :)

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