Vote for Pete Eldridge Wildcard in the Maloof Money Cup

Regular read­ers might know that we here at have​board​.com are Backing Pete Eldridge, as a fan and a homie. If you don’t know, search for it.

You should vote for Pete Eldridge to get a Wildcard in the Maloof Money Cup.

There is 8+ min­utes for you.

Thanks to Focus for the photo. I hope you guys don’t mind.

6 thoughts on “Vote for Pete Eldridge Wildcard in the Maloof Money Cup

  1. pete needs to win that mal­oof money to feed that mon­ster of a dog he’s got…cut the brotha a break people!!

  2. Yea he does. I seri­ously can’t tell. But it’s not the “no stance” that impresses me; it’s how fuck­ing styl­ish and taste­ful his skat­ing is!

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