Wenning’s Unheard Words are Unheard on Transworld

Picture 13It seems like Transworld Skateboarding pulled an inter­view with Brian Wenning they had on their site yes­ter­day. Fortunately, as Jim posted yes­ter­day, 48 Blocks keeps it real with their own exclu­sive inter­view which likely touches on all the same stuff I can only guess TWS’s adver­tis­ers weren’t too happy about, hence the inter­view on their site has been pulled.

This all was pointed out on twit­ter today:

48blocks: LOL at Transworld run­ning their Wenning inter­view the same day we ran ours, then pulling the words a day later. Wonder who called them?

Tweetskate: .@48blocks is the inter­view that got pulled from TWS the same as the one I’m read­ing now on your site, or different?

48blocks: @tweet­skate No we did our own inter­view inde­pen­dently of Transworld.

Tweetskate: .@48blocks @kitunesunheard words” is iron­i­cally still in the TWS URL. to @transworld­skate -> http://​bit​.ly/​Q​4​jPM

skate​board​ing​.transworld​.net/​f​e​a​t​u​r​es/brian-​​wenning-​​unseen-​​footage-​​unheard-​​words/​ now redi­rects to skate​board​ing​.transworld​.net/​f​e​a​t​u​r​es/brian-​​wenning-​​unseen-​​footage/​. Thought we wouldn’t notice? How long until you think they fix the page title?

Tweetskate: Am I sur­prised @transworld­skate hasn’t responded about their Wenning inter­view dis­ap­pear­ing? Nope. Are they lis­ten­ing? Yup.

Tweetskate: cont. @transworld­skate URL fixed, but page title still has “unheard words” in it: http://​yfrog​.com/​0​9​d​d​vzj

Picture 10

Tweetskate: Google it! Time Warner must have pull to get the cached removed though! http://​yfrog​.com/​3​t​f​i​ndj

Picture 11

For those unaware of Google Cache, it basi­cally is a copy of a web page saved on google’s servers to help speed up it’s searches. You can usu­ally view a google cached page even if the site owner changes the con­tent of their page. It even­tu­ally will update with the site own­ers changes, but hav­ing no google cache of this page from yes­ter­day seems a bit odd to me.

It would be nice if big com­pa­nies (TWS is owned by Time Warner) would be hon­est and come right out and say why they removed some­thing instead of remov­ing con­tent and not respond­ing to their audi­ence. I’ve tried to explain this to pre­vi­ous employ­ers, but the big busi­ness men­tal­ity is very dif­fi­cult to speak to, hence their inabil­ity to speak to their audi­ences hon­estly. When you try and hide some­thing on the inter­net, you tend to make things worse off for your­self in teh long run. See: The Streisand_​effect.

Anyway, peep the video because all drama aside, Wenning still kills it.

[UPDATE: DailySesh found a link to the inter­view that was taken down. Check out the short ver­sion and the long ver­sion. Thanks!]

[UPDATE 2: The long ver­sion is the same as the 48blocks interview.]

3 thoughts on “Wenning’s Unheard Words are Unheard on Transworld

  1. I finally took the time to watch that video and read the 38 blocks inter­view. Wow. What a real dude. I always saw him as quiet and doing his own thing. As it turns out the quiet ones are smarter and have more heart. Some busi­ness gos­sip in that inter­view could ruin larger com­pa­nies, as it should.

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