Wondering about the Bethlehem Skateplaza Grand Opening on July 16 – 18

Tomorrow and Saturday is the grand open­ing of the Bethlehem skate plaza. Many thanks and praise goes out to Homebase for their con­tin­ued effort and sup­port in the skate­board scene. Is any­one going and want to report back for have​board​.com? Homebase has every­thing you need to know about the event.

In an effort to make sure you know every­thing you could pos­si­bly need to know about the Bethlehem Skateplaza Grand Opening- here’s every­thing you need to know:

The Bethlehem Skateplaza’s address is 1325 Steel Ave.  Bethlehem, PA 18015 (It’s across the street from the Sands Casino)

The Grand Opening is a 3-​​day long event.   It’s ALL FREE, open to ALL AGES and once the skateplaza opens– it too will be FREE & for all ages.

Thanks to Jeff Pang and DC ShoesThe Berrics will be cov­er­ing and our Grand Opening Event and we might even make it on Fuel TV.

Volunteers Needed! I know every­one is psy­ched for the plaza but we need peo­ple to donate some time to really sup­port it this week­end.  Please call the Bethlehem Parks & Rec Department and vol­un­teer: 610 – 865‑7080

Now thor­oughly read the flyer for the more infor­ma­tion about Friday & Saturday’s events:

2 thoughts on “Wondering about the Bethlehem Skateplaza Grand Opening on July 16 – 18

  1. Skated it today! A lot of fun and really smooth! So many heads came out of the wood­work for this one. If you missed it you missed a great day but the park will still be there so def­i­nitely check it out when you can!
    Big ups to Homebase and Andy Po this was over 15 yrs in the mak­ing and it finally is com­ing to fruition.

  2. thats good man. stayin pos­i­tive always helps. and with skaten­erd. hon­estly i love skaten­erd ive been going to that site for a while. i wish he would have it like it used to be though. but it is fun to see mike car­rol and rick howard nerd off together. maybe they can give you some free adver­tis­ing or some­thing to com­pen­sate. idk.

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