Yo Gabba Gabba Vans

Vans has teamed up with the awe­some kids show “Yo Gabba Gabba” to make a series of sneak­ers along with some really good com­mer­cials. The skate commercial’s include Hosoi, Bucky, and Plex ses­sion­ing a pool as well as Muno cruis­ing around the streets.

Ray Barbee and Tony Hawk have both made appear­ances on the show in the past. Goldchain’s kid can’t seem to get enough of the Micro Site and nei­ther can my niece. There is also a surf­ing, motocross, and bmx com­mer­cial (set to “Send Me an Angel”). They are all pretty well done and enter­tain­ing even if you don’t have kids.
[UPDATE]: via @VANS_66:

@lakeeriemon­ster @tweet­skate muno was ron cameron, plex was alex perel­son & jared mel was toodee;) link

@lakeeriemon­ster @tweet­skate ahem* so they could be stunt dou­bles of course. muno, plex, & toodee did most of it them­selves, obvi­ously.) link

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