haveboard.com started out as a ‘zine call “have board, will skate…” by my brother, friends, and I. It was simply something we did to do something with all the photos we had taken of ourselves skateboarding. Issues 1, 2, & 3 were printed when I lived in Buffalo, NY during the mid 90’s. Issue 3 was printed the summer of 1997 and issue 4 was printed more recently (yet still years ago), in 2004 when I lived in Albuquerque.

Issue 4 was first published online in July of 2010.

Maybe one day I’ll make a 5th issue from Philadelphia (maybe).

You can check out the old ‘zines in page flipping flash action by clicking on the images below. Sorry all you mobile users without flash.

Issue 1 CoverIssue 2 CoverIssue 3 CoverIssue 4 Cover