That old design had a good run

It’s about that time to refresh have​board​.com and get rid of the look I built at the end of 2006. I’ve learned quite a bit since then and you’re now look­ing at the new have​board​.com. If you are read­ing through an RSS reader, I sug­gest click­ing through and check­ing out the new digs! I hope you like it.

[nerd para­graph] I used a lot of css3 tech­niques and took stab at explor­ing pro­gres­sive enhance­ment with the design. You can read about why things don’t need to look the same in ever browser over at O3 World. This refresh/​redesign has been in the works for months and I finally decide to work on get­ting it to a point where I am com­fort­able launch­ing. I have a lot of plans to expand on this new look. More infor­ma­tion in the footer as well as a bet­ter 404 page are just a few things planned for this iter­a­tion of the site but I wanted to launch some­thing new con­sid­er­ing the old have​board​.com had been around since the end of 2006.

You will notice that you can now vote thumbs up and thumbs down on indi­vid­ual com­ments. You don’t have to be logged in or be reg­is­tered to use this fea­ture. I’d love to see this vot­ing get some use.

There still may be a few bugs here and there but I tested pretty thor­oughly across mul­ti­ple browsers so things should be pretty much in order and view­able. Internet Explorer users are def­i­nitely not get­ting the full range of the redesign. If this is you, I sug­gest try­ing out Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. Things should still work, it just may not work or look as well in IE.

If you find any errors, please let me know what is going on as well as what oper­at­ing sys­tem and browser you are using and I’ll look into it. You can let me know in the com­ments below or send me an email. Feedback is greatly appre­ci­ated, whether good or bad. Constructive crit­i­cism would be pre­ferred over plain old crit­i­cism or hatred.

The new shop will launch in the next day or so. Stay tuned for that and thanks for read­ing have​board​.com.

19 thoughts on “That old design had a good run

  1. Looks like I still have to style out the “name”, “mail”, and “web­site” input fields on the com­ments. I’ll get to that tomorrow.

  2. The com­ment input boxes are fixed.

    I encour­age you all to sign up for Gravatar so you can have your own photo show up when you com­ment. It’s free and real sim­ple. Your email never gets pub­lished, but when you com­ment with the same email asso­ci­ated with your Gravatar account, it will dis­play next to your comment.

  3. I’ll sec­ond… third that. It looks good. But the screen shakes when I type! It has some­thing to do with that pre­view up above. But they lay­out looks fab. Good work!

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  5. It’s nice to see the site evolve. I hate to be the only one with crit­i­cism but the curved ele­ments through the site are not con­sis­tent. It feels a lit­tle more busy then the last design. Perhaps you can imple­ment the same radius on all ele­ments that have rounded edges?

  6. Nugget, I really do appre­ci­ate the criticism.

    Let me break down all the curved ele­ment val­ues and maybe you could sug­gest some­thing slightly different.

    The main com­ment bub­bles have a 40 degree radius in the main sec­tion and 20 degree radius in the side­bar. I like the 40 degrees in the main sec­tion but it was just too big for the sidebar.

    The textar­eas also have a 40 degree radius.

    The post’s blue footer boxes have a 5 degree radius in the main section.

    The date/​posted by boxes have a 5 degree radius in both the main sec­tion and sidebar.

    The input boxes for com­ments and search as well as the select boxes have a 20 degree radius. I think the select and input boxes look a lit­tle dif­fer­ent because they aren’t big enough to dis­play the full radius that’s defined. Not all browsers allow the radii to be styled with css on the select boxes.

    I see what you’re say­ing but I’m not really sure how to rem­edy this. Does any­one have any sug­ges­tions of what they think might work a lit­tle better?

    I’m curi­ous if this is some­thing only a designer’s eye would pick up on or if the aver­age user notices or even cares.

    If you are run­ning Internet Explorer, you are prob­a­bly ask­ing your­self what we are all talk­ing about with the curved elements/​rounded corners/​radii. This is because IE doesn’t sup­port any bor­der radii. Maybe one day. In the mean­time, all rounded cor­ners degrade to 90 degree angles, so IE users see a much box­ier site.

  7. George, what kind of of com­puter, oper­at­ing sys­tem, and browser are you run­ning? If I remem­ber cor­rectly, you have a very old machine so I’m guess­ing you are also using a very out­dated browser. If the only thing that hap­pens is the site shakes because of the pre­view, I’m okay with that, since it appar­ently seems that the site still works for you, just not as well.

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  10. I think the 5 degree radius used on all curves would be the best way to keep it con­sis­tent. The larger curve is dis­tract­ing. Perhaps you could also crop all images and thumbs with the same radius for consistency?

    I am get­ting the same shak­ing when I type name /​ email /​ web­site and I am on Firefox 3.0.19.

    Lastly the spac­ing between let­ters for para­graph text seems to be too much. I under­stand why you would do that for leg­i­bil­ity but the amount of space you use is more suited for small text on logos or other graphic design ele­ments. Paragraph text tra­di­tion­ally uses less space. Perhaps you can add the small­est amount of space between let­ters as possible.

  11. I broke the com­ments yes­ter­day but fixed them now. Thanks for the heads up, Nugget. You can also sub­scribe to a post’s com­ments by email, with or with­out com­ment­ing if you want to have a reminder set for when­ever a new com­ment is posted.

  12. I actu­ally upgraded to a Mac Mini last year. The screen stops shak­ing when the com­ment pre­view reaches a sec­ond line. Firefox on 10.6.2. The screen doesn’t shake in Safari.

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