Last Days of Love


This is reposted from insta­gram, but belongs here as well. I haven’t update much and dropped the ball on deliv­er­ing all the news over the past 2 weeks about the LOVE ban get­ting lifted due to the ren­o­va­tions com­ing to the park.

I didn’t get to skate last week at the open invite to LOVE one last time but I went last night in the rain and slush to take a walk around for old time sake and revis­ited a lot of mem­o­ries and still don’t know what to think or how to feel about it all.

I first vis­ited Philly in ’96 with Steve Healy via LowRider Skateshop. I had just grad­u­ated high school and had no idea what to do next. Skateboarding was life at that point in time but I knew Philadelphia was the place to be. We stayed in West Philly in Fat Bill’s tiny 1 bed­room apart­ment. We watched Trilogy for the first time. We watched it almost non stop at the apart­ment when we weren’t skating.

We pushed from 38th and Spruce all the way down South Street. I remem­ber see­ing the sky­line from the bridge for the first time. I remem­ber being amazed at the entire mis­sion and how far we had skated yet it felt like nor­mal. We skated the entire time. I learned pole jams and wall rides. We met up at Love Park every day with so many other skate­board­ers. I hadn’t seen any­thing like it. It was an amaz­ing, eye open­ing experience.

I fell in love with LOVE park and the city of Philadelphia. I knew I wanted to live here.

2 years later I moved to Philadelphia and aside from a 2 year “vaca­tion” in Albuquerque, I’ve called this city my home. I’ve made end­less amounts of new friends and memories.

They say they are going to donate the gran­ite and relo­cate it even­tu­ally but how, where, and when is anyone’s guess. We are los­ing a world renowned spot and the city will never be the same. Everything hap­pens for a rea­son I guess and although skate­board­ing is no longer life the way it once was, I hope this city can con­tinue to grow and remain influ­en­tial to skate­board­ing. I don’t claim to be an OG by any means but I’m happy to have put my time in and con­tributed how I could.

Thank you Skateboarding. Thank You Edward Bacon. Thank you to all of the peo­ple I’ve met in this city, espe­cially those who are car­ry­ing the torch. Thank you LOVE Park. Rest In Peace.

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Buffalo Spot Check with JP from Sunday

JP Gillespie skating Trackmasters. Photo by Andrew Maholsic.

JP Gillespie skat­ing Trackmasters. Photo by Andrew Maholsic.

My home town of Buffalo recently had a spot check arti­cle pub­lished that JP of Sunday Skateshop where he runs down 6 famous Buffalo Spots old & new. I didn’t get to skate all of these as a few of them were after my time in Buffalo or plain old just out of my skill bracket. I’m really ich­ing to skate Trackmasters again now after this.

The main photo kick­flip in the arti­cle at the main place mall is pretty gnarly. There is a gran­ite slab right after you land that if you don’t turn away from it you could get pretty messed up. Aside from drop ins, the 1st major thing I remem­ber going down on that thing was Ricky O’s man­ual to ollie in. Go check the arti­cle to read about Dave Weaver’s gnarly kick­flip into that thing. Rest in Peace Dave! Go watch his orig­i­nal edit from Sunday’s “Whatever the Weather” video after you read that inter­view and spot check to see that amaz­ingly scary kick­flip. Do we really care that he didn’t com­pletely roll away clean know­ing he went and did it after going through Chemo? Hell naw.

Thanks for help­ing keep Buffalo on the map for skate­board­ing, JP! It’s grown so much since I left.


JP & I two and a half years ago on a visit to Sunday Skateshop.


Focus Skate Mag is Packing it up


After 10 years and 60 issues of help­ing push east coast skat­ing to the world Focus Skate Mag will be throw­ing in the towel. I’m hon­ored to have had the oppor­tu­nity to help them out and work with them on their web­site In the begin­ning. Thanks for putting out so many awe­some issues that helped show­case some of the best skate­board­ing on the East Coast, guys. The mag will be missed, no doubt.


Propeller screening at American Sardine Bar tonight at 9!


Tonight some peo­ple from the ware­house are set­ting up a screen to  have a view­ing of the new Van’s Video, Propeller, upstairs at American Sardine Bar. Viewing is at 9. 21+ since it IS a bar.

We’re going to put a dona­tion jar on the bar for the Warehouse. Vans will match your dona­tion dol­lar for dol­lar so please donate! We don’t have to do cool shit like this. We do it for fun, for skate­board­ing and to keep the Warehouse going strong so please show your sup­port. Thanks!

GoFundMe for X-​​Park


Black Diamond X-​​Park, pre­vi­ously known as X-​​Games Skatepark* and the Slippery Skatepark, at the Franklin Mills, I mean Philadelphia Mills Mall is try­ing to raise money to keep the park open. As of this post they’ve raised $1,335 of the 13K they are try­ing to raise. The lease is up and the land­lord wants a “sub­stan­tial secu­rity deposit down on the lease, and a sig­nif­i­cant chunk towards the insur­ance for the park”. I’m not sure what the exact break­down of that price is but they need o raise the money by the end of May in order for the park to remain open.

* I think it was orig­i­nally a Vans Park.


Busy weekend, bro vid 3, warehouse fundraiser, & FDR or 7th st. DIY Build.


The bro vid 3 pre­mière is going down shortly at exit Skateshop. Check back for the post with details.  


  Tomorrow there is word out they need some mus­cle to help bud down at FDR tomor­row. Find the face­book group or just go down to the park tomorrow. 


7th st also has a planned build for tomor­row and Sunday from dusk till dawn. Any help you can give them, they’d love it. 


Tomorrow after­noon is the ware­house fundraiser where you have a chance to win some orig­i­nal Mark Gonzalez art. Go get some!

Get some rolling around in this week­end. It’s not so cold any­more and sup­port your local skate scene.

Could Burnside soon be a thing of memories?



I had the oppor­tu­nity to skate burn­side for the first time last year and I really hope it won’t be my last. The place is so much tougher to skate than you could imag­ine despite being told by nearly every­one that you won’t believe it until you see it.

Read up on what’s going on in Portland and the pos­si­ble future of a leg­endary park.

Shout out to Mike Stein for putting me up for the last minute trip and shout out to Julius for the photo!

Tampa Pro now run by Street League?


I guess I don’t pay atten­tion to the indus­try too much any­more because today I dis­cov­ered that Tampa Pro is run by Street League now. Things done changed. Then again, I only skate in Nike SB hi-​​top Dunks any­more. The con­test is also spon­sored by Nike.

Anyway, here is a screen­shot of Vern lurk­ing on the web­cast to keep the tra­di­tion alive.


Lennie Kirk and the Crazy Side of Skateboarding | VICE | United States

lennie kirk and the insane side of skateboarding

Check out this inter­view about Lennie Kirk over at VICE with the author of Heaven, Dennis Mcgrath.

Heaven is a new photo book com­ing out that doc­u­ments the entire ascent and the down­ward spi­ral of leg­end that is Lennie Kirk. Lennie is cur­rently in prison for 13 years on kid­nap­ping charges. 

I don’t want peo­ple to ever think I’m exploit­ing him. I’m try­ing to give his life some dig­nity. He’s going to have a lot of time to look at this book and maybe this time he will try and change. What he did isn’t right, but by hap­pen­stance I was just there and able to doc­u­ment his life since he was 16 years old.