Wild Dreams

Last night I had a dream that involved people and places from Buffalo, albuquerque and Philadelphia. a bunch of up were getting ready to go skate the shit park, and before we got in Rocky’s truck, he decided that backing me up to a wall and making me slide under his truck to avoid being crushed was hilarious, and an appropriate practical joke. I didn’t think it was funny at all. Rocky tried to apologize and give me a ride to the Shit park, but I refused. So I skated to the Shit park solo. This part was wierd because Rocky lives in Albuquerque, and the Shit park is in Philly. When I get to the Shit park, for some reason, my old nieghborhood was a block a way, but that nieghborhood is actually in South Buffalo. It’s a dream, give me a break. So, being that I was still pissed at Rocky, I decided to go to my old South Buffalo hood to visit my friend Randy T., who I skated with on the daily as a young buck. He ended up dating a cousin of mine. they eventually had a child together. So I show up and Randy’s house, walk in, say “What’s up” to Randy, his son, and his mom, and convince Randy to come skate the shit park. This part was wierd because he quit skating years ago. Before I got to the Shit park, I woke up, really confused. I ussually never remember my dreams, but this one was all to mixed up to forget.

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