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Of course i got this from the tap (im only aware of approximately 5 websites) but this is one of the least annoying articles about skateboarding (on film no less). I guess i could have just linked this to the paranoid park topic but then i couldnt use this sweet hoverboard picture (which they explain that in the future grinding has been banned! Lets get it in while theres still time! (Check it!)


that guy.


  1. Clarification: Blank Nelson is the author of the BOOK “Paranoid Park”. Gus Van Sandt directed the film version of the book.

  2. Couldn’t they have come up with a better shape for that hoverboard? “Hoverboard” reminds me of Haveboard. Did the Hill Valley skaters of 2015 decide skateboards were now obsolete? How would you flip a board like that? Hell, how would you ride some tight tranny? Wouldn’t the board push itself off the wall? Ill Mitch saves his money for a hoverboard.

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