Ninjas at the Skatepark!

You’ve all heard of extreme walking. It’s got a few names, freerunning, parkour and i’m sure plenty more. William Spencer is doing it with a skateboard. Is he really getting his own MTV show? I guess these chaps are doing it at the skatepark with out a skateboard. Not so crazy.


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10 thoughts on “Ninjas at the Skatepark!

  1. Yeah, i’m aware of the double post of William, however my purpose of the post was the ninjas at the skatepark. Sorry to bum you out.

  2. …not even skim boarding or papyrus. What the hell is happening around here?

  3. I think it’s cool. It’s playing with space in a way that doesn’t bite off of skateboarding.

  4. I dont think they the drink cold ones during their sessions. they probably to take smoke breaks either. its like they are running away from nothing. There needs to be kids doing this shit that are getting chased from cops or zombies.

  5. Someone gave them KIDS too much candy. Can’t believe people actually do that crap. Wow the shit children learn on TV…hahaha

  6. I’d rather have them at the skatepark then bikers anyday!! The last time I jumped over a railing like that was back in 00′ when the dirt bike cops were at love….shit was necessary.

  7. dirtbike cops. cops tearing up love park on dirtbikes after skateboarders now that is harsh.

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