Salman Agah No Stance

Salman agah from Fisherman on Vimeo.Salman Agah has been skating switch longer and better then pretty much anyone. Notice how he never even pushes mongo. I remember when I saw this part years ago I thought that by 2000 their would be people who skate with no stance. But it looks like no one is that good yet. Fred Gall came close. Should I make this a regular nerdy update with a fancy Berics name like Flash Back Tuesdays? Kidding…


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13 thoughts on “Salman Agah No Stance

  1. switch mongo in the first line.. this shits deff ahead of its time. so whats the whole photosynthesis video

  2. Yeah, first trick actually. Funny how I missed it. So he pushed mongo sometimes. What video is this from? I could not figure it out. I think it is one of the first Real videos.

  3. thanks for the post. much needed. learn to ride yer board before you start the flying circus act. pushing counts.

  4. i’m not that great at pushing switch. I like how Rick O just used to dip through the city switch like it’s nothing.

  5. OG switch :) This is from the very first REAL vid, I believe… Kelch has a part! and Sean Mandoli!? I have this bad-boy on VHS, gotta dig it out now. Yeah, Rick had sick switch… I think Arto has a pretty deceptive switch, too. It’s ALMOST no-stance.

  6. Arto def has deceptive switch…So does P Rod…it’s had to tell which way they skate.

  7. Skating has progressed so much from when i started. If you could switch kickflip you were doing alright back then. Its crazy what switch tricks kids consider stock these days.

  8. thanks for posting this Nuge. it’s awesome that you’re bringing attention back to these old video parts. i appreciate.

  9. That last trick was overshadowed by what Danger did there years ago. Jeezus, am I really that jaded?

  10. must have watched that part 100 times in the week after that video came out. stellar part that still inspires to this day. thanks for the reminder.

  11. speaking of giving that kid his own part…he got a “bangin'” on the berrics…absolutely ridiculous. Switchstance? Try NOstance…

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